Skip to Content MORDHEIM RUINED CHURCH - Paul Brooks

When designing a new scenery piece its important to consider from the outset how it will look, how it can be built and how it will play. By this I mean how will the building contribute to the balance and fun of the game? Will it have vantage points for shooting from? Will it be accessible to the warbands? Are the entrances to the piece biased towards one side of the building? Will it matter which way the piece is laid on the table to gameplay? Will it have more than two levels? Will access to those levels be by easy staircases or by risky climbs? (or a balance between the two?). Last but not least think of the practicalities to the players themselves – is there space in the building to a hand and a tape measure?! With this in mind, the church project started off with this rather wonky sketch


I had in mind a fairly typical open church shape, with the whole building raised up a couple of inches onto a platform. This would allow a nice set of stairs up to the doorway rather than having it all on ground level. I planned to have three entrances to the building – the main door and then two smallish holes in the side walls. This would give enough access to make it usable but enough cover for a warband to take full defensive cover in the building.

First thing, a basic balsa frame was built on a MDF base that raised the whole floor of the church off the MDF base. I made the church floor out of foamboard with a section cut out at the front to accommodate the stairs. I used the tip of a hot glue gun to melt the inside edge of the foamboard so as to snuggly fit in the trimmed building edging from the Mordheim Building sprue. This gave a nice neat edge to the basic structure. The stairs were simply made out of narrow layers of sheet balsa positioned by trial and error until they fitted nicely.