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I would like you all to meet Ragnar. Ragnar is here to prove a bit of a point for me.



The point is this - when you first saw the image, you looked straight at his face. Not the gun, even though it is so far in the foreground that it's out of focus. Not the winged gem on the breastplate that is the natural center and focal point of the photo (although it was probably your eye's second stopping point. )

The face.

This is not a rigged optical illusion / joke picture. This is just the way all humans are programmed. As such, if you paint the faces on your models well, the whole model looks good. Strange but true. A miniature with a good face and a basic paint job everywhere else will still look great unless under close scrutiny. It's also pretty much all you see of "back rankers", so surely it's worth the effort? Damn right. ; }

And so begins the second of my painting guides - this was the most requested painting lesson I ever ran, and like the gemstones, i'ts fairly simple once you know it, but the difference it makes is well worth it!

So without further ado, here come the dodgy handpainted diagrams!!!!