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With all this in mind I eventually set to work. First off I started with the green armour plates. These were base coated with a 3-1-2 mix of Dark Angels Green, Chaos Black and water. By the time that I had base-coated the helm, the shoulder-plates and the feet it was clear that that would be plenty of green so I resisted the temptation to do any of the leg-armour in green. I highlighted the green areas simply by adding increasing amounts of Goblin Green to the mix.

For the shoulder plates I used thin vertical strokes of very watered down mix to try and blend the colour from the paler high-definition raised edges, towards the darker centre. For the helm, I did the opposite; blending the centre paler than the edges. This is because on the helm it is the centre of the piece that is the most raised, while the edges are butted low against the helms rim, needing to be more shadowed. The reverse is the case for the shoulder plates. After four or five thinned highlights I ended up with this (above).