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A years membership to Stirling Wargamers, costs only £10 and currently, the membership card entitles you the following benefits:

33% Discount on club meetings

Club gaming nights are £3 to non members, and only £2 to members

10% discount at the following gaming and hobby suppliers :

Static Games –A wide range of RPG’s, CCG’s, Boardgames, wargames and miniatures.

Argyle Shopping Market ,28 Argyle St ,Glasgow,G2 8AD


Do it @ your leisure – Hobbies, craft and gaming supplies, with in-store gaming.

50 High Street, Dunblane, Perthshire

Web -

Email -

Figures in Comfort – Large and small miniatures cases and a huge variety of foam trays tailored for all your various miniature collections:

Web -


Members Savings Scheme You can now save your gaming money through us, and take advantage of our ability to bulk order gaming supplies at discount, and we also cover the cost of the postage! Full details can be found HERE, courtesy of Paul Conlan, our Club Secretary.