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A1 Comics - home of Static Games, a particularly good wargame / RPG / CCG store in Glasgow's Argyll Market.

As a member you get 10% discount when you flash the!

Figures in Comfort - Classy range of well protected cases for transporting your armies in.

Members get 10% off RRP.

Games Workshop - creators of Warhammer and Warhammer 40'000.
Privateer Press - Home of Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine
Fantasy Flight Games - Board game creators resposible for A Game of Thrones, Descent, and Doom, amongst many others.
BoardGameGeek - possibly the most comprehensive boardgaming site - check it out!
Creators of Carcassone and puerto Rico
Leading Miniatures and Terrain retailer
Home of the excellent Army Builder program
Fantasic scenery building site