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24th September 2005  

All Day Session: 10AM to 6PM.

Return of the all-day session!

As before, starting at 10AM on SAturday 24th September, the club opens it's doors for 8 hours of wargaming at the same cost as a normal 4 hour night meeting. All of the regular facilities will be available for your use, and large/group games may be organised via the forum!

See you there!

Entry £2 members & £3 non-members

23rd July 2005  



All Day Session: 10AM to 7PM.

An in hall painting competition: Bring your mini and paint it on the day. Your miniature may be pre-based and undercoated before arriving. Also, there will be no restrictions on the models. They will be judged solely on painting. Please note - you supply your own paint, brushes, and model.

A Manowar table set up. Paul B, the club Chairman, has dug out his Man 'O War fleets for us to plunder. Yeaaargh! Games will be running throughout the day.

A massive WH40K tank battle.Courtesy of Neil - He's looking for bodies to recruit as I type this -you'll find him on the forum (TelepathicPurpleMonkey)

An Epic game of Epic. - Myself and Paul C,(club Webmaster and Memership Officer, respectively) love Epic. As such, we are fully abusing this excuse to field multi thousand point forces in an Eldar/Imperial clash in which we invite you to control a detachment to aid us in our quest for victory. Sign up will be available shortly on the Forum.

All the normal gaming facilities will be available as normal, so if you fancy a game of Warhammer, Warmachine, Magic, or Exalted, it's business as usual, but with longer hours.

Hot food is being offered by Drew, the club Publicity Officer, and I believe will include fresh hotdogs...yum!

.Entry will be the usual £2 for members £3 for non members.