Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch by Lou Ovens

In the grim Warhammer world, mankind is beset by Chaos. It is told that Chaos is thegreatest evil, an otherwordly force bent on the destruction of mankind. It is told that only purity of faith that will drive it back. It is told that someday, mankind will be free from Chaos, and can live in purity of faith and soul. Everything that has been told is a lie.

There are those who know the truth, that Chaos is an integral force in existence, that without Chaos there would be no life in the world. Chaos blows through all things as the winds of magic, and in turn, all things exist in Chaos. The evil that manifests in Chaos is merely a reflection of the evil that lives in the hearts of men. But Chaos is also a reflection of everything in the hearts of men, from virtue and purity to love. How sad it is that malice and hatred are shown to be a stronger reflection of man's heart.

Of those that understand the truth, most will fall to madness, unwilling to comprehend the awful truth. But others will revel in such forbidden knowledge, and will crave more. They will call out to Tzeentch, Holder of the Greatest Truths, and Great Manipulator. For Tzeentch is the entity who controls fate itself, and who lays out the paths followed by all creatures. The Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch realise that all things are merely Tzeentch's playthings, that even the actions of Gods are nothing more than Tzeentch's whim. There is no hope of resistance, but if one must be a pawn of such a power, then it would be better to reap the rewards of such. These individuals give themselves fully to Tzeentch's Grand Designs, and He uses them as favoured vessels of His will, as they carry out His plans with the utmost dedication. In turn, they become the keepers of existance, puppeteers on a grand scale; whose own strings are held by the Lord Tzeentch.


Starting as a Chaos Warrior

The profile of the Chaos Warrior is as follows:

Wounds 3D6
Move 4
Weapon Skill 3
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 3
Toughness 3 (4)
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 5+
Willpower 4


Starting Equipment:
Sword (Str + D6 damage)
Armour (+1 Toughness)

Mark of Tzeentch
The Mark of Tzeentch represents
the magical emblem which the Chaos
Warrior has emblazoned on his flesh,
the sign of his patron. The Mark of
Tzeentch gives +1 Luck, which allows
him to re-roll any single dice roll, once per adventure.

Gifts of Chaos
In addition to his starting equipment, the Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch will start with 1 Attack Spell and 1 Healing Spell, drawn randomly from the spell card deck as normal. In addition , the Chaos Warrior also starts the game with a number of other special abilities and items. Due to the unpredictable nature of Chaos, the nature and number of these 'gifts' is not fixed.

Roll twice on the table below to find out what Artefacts/Attributes your Chaos Warrior has. The number in brackets is that attribute/artefacts position on the main tables, which should be checked to find their effects.

Chaos Gifts (1D6)
1 Path of the Shadow (attribute 33)
2 Power of Tzeentch (attribute 23)
3 Teleport (attribute 53)
4 Warpstone Charm (artefact 65)
5 Chaos Tombblade (artefact 56)
6 All Seeing Eye (artefact 63)

Chaos Warriors and Equipment/Treasure
The Chaos Warrior may use any equipment available to the Wizard, with the following exceptions: he may use no armour (including shields and helms)other than the armour he starts with or armour given to him by Tzeentch; he may use any non-magical melee weapon; he may ride a warhorse. He may use firearms or crossbows. He may not use any treasure, other than potions and any non-magical treasure, such as gold and firebombs.

The Warriors of Tzeentch are great wizards, capable of mighty feats of magic. This is not because they are wizards themselves, though many are. It is because of their understanding of the universe, their knowledge that magic fuels all things, living and unliving. The Power of Chaos and the winds of magic are one and the same. It is this understanding that allows these individuals to utilize the winds of magic in a similar way to regualr wizards.

The Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch casts spells in exactly the same way as the Wizard. Although he does not necessarily start with any, he may use power tokens in the same way as well. He gains 5 gold for every wound healed by magic to another Warrior, also the same as the Wizard.

Also, the Chaos Warrior realises that luck is simply another term for Tzeentch's will, and as such can convert a Luck Token to 1D6 Power Tokens . He may do this once per turn, during the Power Phase. He may also convert 1D6 Power Tokens to a single Luck Token if he wishes, as he can use raw magical force to alter fate in his favour. He may not roll to see the 'rate of exchange', he must commit himself before he rolls the dice. If he does not have enough Power Tokens to make up the needed amount, he loses all his remaining Power Tokens, but does not gain a Luck Token. In this way, a Tzeentch Warrior may carefully marshall his magical reserves for a coming battle, but may quickly lose it all to a whim of Tzeentch.

In addition, the Chaos Warrior's spellcasting is not penalised in any way by any armour that he wears. His armour is likely magical in nature, and resonates with Tzeentch's own power.


Visiting Settlements
The Chaos Warrior is a somewhat enigmatic, unusual character, and as such may cause suspicion and distrust when he visits a settlement. Sometimes the militia of a settlement will even throw the Chaos Warrior out ot town. Of course, if he has any obvious signs of Chaos, the likelihood of this happening increases tremendously.

Whenever the Warriors arrive in a settlement, the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice for every Chaos Attribute he possesses that is obviously manifest. These attributes are marked with a star (*) in the following tables. If any of these dice comes up as a 1, then he is refused admission to the settlement. The Chaos Warrior may visit the following locations: The Alehouse (at a -2 penalty), the Alchemist, the Gambling Den (due to his connection with fate, he will win on a result of 5 or 6), any trader, the Wizard's Guild and the Chaos Temple.

The Alchemist
The Tzeentch Warrior will perform the alchemy himself, so is not required to pay. However, he must still roll to 'find' the Alchemist, as he must procure use of equipment.

The Wizard's Guild
The Chaos Warrior may visit the Wizard's Guild in the same way as the Wizard, with the exception that the Wizard's Staff functions slightly differently. The Chaos Warrior may buy a Wizard's Staff as normal, which he will dedicate to Chaos , so that it may withstand the awesome power of Chaos. This means that the staff can no longer be recharged at the Font of Power. Instead, the Chaos Warrior must visit the Chaos Temple to charge it with unholy power, which costs D6x100 gold for D6 points of power, holding no more than 6 points as normal. The Chaos Warrior may pay for consultations, buy magic potions and change spells as normal.

The Chaos Temple
In many towns there are those who have rejected the accepted gods, the established religions, and have turned to other, darker forms of worship. These Chaos cults are steeped in secrecy, as to be revealed as a follower of Chaos is to be shunned, reviled and often executed. However, the attraction of Chaos is power and immortatlity, and there are usually the insane few who are willing to take whatever risks are necessary to gain the patronage of the Chaos gods.

Whenever he visits a settlement, the Chaos Warrior may attempt to find a Chaos Temple, to pray to Tzeentch, and to make offerings and sacrifices to the altar that lies within. The Chaos Warrior must find the temple, just like any other special location in a town or city. He must spend 2D6x10 gold as offerings at the Chaos Temple, hoping to recieve the attention of his dark patron. After paying the required gold, roll a D6 and consult the table below.

1 The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 2 Chaos Attributes - see the table below.

2 The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 1 Chaos Attribute - see the table below.

3 The Changer of Ways is not listening, there are greater things afoot in the world to claim his attention.
The Chaos Warrior's pleas go unanswered.

4 The Chaos Warrior stands before the altar to Tzeentch, imploring that he listen to his cries. In the past, they punished him by granting him a warping, crippling attribute. Despite this cruel trick, the Chaos Warrior has served his master well, and is sure that now is the time for the balance to be redressed. The player must select any single attribute, crossing it off his profile. As that attribute vanishes, the Chaos Warrior gains another! Roll another attribute randomly, and take that instead.

5 As he touches the altar and dedicates his victims to his master, the Chaos Warrior feels renewed strength and vigour coursing throughout his body. The Chaos Warrior gains 1 extra Wound, permanently.

6 The temple reels and swirls as solid objects begin to mutate and change. Nothing is as it should be, and darkness claims all. The power of Chaos is at hand, and the Chaos Warrior kneels before it's mighty presence.

The Chaos Warrior may, if he chooses, try to merge two Chaos Artefacts together, so that their powers are joined into one single, powerful artefact. If you wish to do this, select two artefacts. They must be similar artefacts, such as hand-to-hand weapons, or shields. The Chaos Warrior places both artefacts on the altar, and waits with eager anticipation. Roll a dice and consult the following table to see what happens next.

1 One of the artefacts vanishes, sucked back into the warp, and the other remains unchanged. Randomly select which artefact vanishes. The Chaos Warrior no longer has this artefact.

2/3 Nothing happens, the Changer of Ways has no interest in the petty wishes of their servant.

4 The altar is briefly obscured by cloying smoke, drifting around the temple and fogging the senses. When the smoke clears, the two original artefacts are still there, unchanged, but another sits alongside them. The Chaos Warrior retains the two original artefacts, and also gains another. Roll on the Chaos Artefact Table to see what this new artefact is.

5/6 Time slows, the temple darkens, the fabric of reality groans and shifts. When the moment passes, there is but one artefact left on the altar, a mutated union of the two placed there by the Chaos Warrior. The two items are now merged. Cross them off your profile, and write in the combined abilities of the new item. It is a good idea to name the artefact, as it will no doubt become one of the Chaos Warrior's most trusted and treasured items.

Note that if items which boost stats are combined, the stat increases do not combine, it simply retains the highest bonus of the two. Furthermore, items which double characteristics will still only double when combined, rather than quadruple. Within these limitations, you can continue to merge items as the Chaos Warrior visits the temple again and again.

Also note - if the Chaos Warrior has a Wizard's Staff, it may be merged with any staff-type artefacts. If it is merged, it will no longer carry the -1 to hit penalty. It will retain the +1 Toughness, but only when weilded with two hands. Staff-type artefacts can be merged with other weapons, producing glaives or spears. Such weapons are two-handed, but may fight in ranks. This means that if you wish to merge a Wizard's Staff with a weapon, you must first merge it with a staff.

Chaos Warriors and Events
The Chaos Warrior may behave towards certain events differently to other Warriors. Those events not listed below will be approached as normal.

The Tzeentch Warrior does not believe in charity or benevolence, and will not interfere in things that do not concern him. He will never give money out of charity or kindness, and will never help others unless he is required to. Ignore any such events, such as 14 (Good Deed) and 66 (Accident), as the Tzeentch Warrior simply walks by without a second thought.

Settlement Events
25 Circus
You denounce the fortune-teller as a fraud and a fool, and push her aside. You show the charlatan how a true clairvoyant is, and earn yourself 2D6x50 gold telling fortunes for the rest of the day.

26 Betrothed
During the night, the family's farmstead is burned to the ground in a monumental pyre that reaches the highest peaks of the night sky, and daemons are seen cavorting in the flames by many witnesses. Next day, the entire area is dubbed as 'unholy' by the local priests, and a sense of fear and dread descends on the populance. They become wary of strangers, and the Warriors feel they should leave before they end up being persecuted........The Warriors get one last day, before they must leave.

64 Witchcraft
Roll as normal, at +1 to the roll. On a roll of 7+, you decides to show such a rabble why it is best not to confront those who really do possess powers beyond reality......... Gain 1D6x100 gold from their belongings. The next day the settlement seems to be cursed by a plague of frogs. If one looks closely, you can almost make out human faces........

Uneventful Days
Whenever the Chaos Warrior rolls an uneventful day, roll once on the following table.

1 Unwanted Attention
The Chaos Warrior's actions have drawn some unwanted attention......roll 1D6.

1 The local Wizards discover your true allegiance, and, being the closed-minded simpletons that they are, turn you into a haemonculous! You must spend the rest of eternity in a glass jar, and are out of the game! Use a Luck Token now!

2 A political manipulation turns out to be less well thought out than you thought..........You are chased out of town for whispering in the wrong ear. You must wait outside the settlement for the other Warriors to leave.

3 The alchemist's guild find out that you have been practicing alchemy without an appropriate licence! With the help of some hired thugs, they force you to pay up half of your total gold as a membership fee! Not that this will prevent further 'fees' in the future....

4+ Your landlord begins to wonder why a foul, multi-coloured smoke billows out from beneath your door at nights......... You give him D6x10 gold to pay him off.

2/3 Uneventful Day
It really is an uneventful day!

4+ Divinations
The Tzeentchian Warrior spends the rest of the day in study and contemplation of the greater forces in the world, looking for a glimmer of knowledge. Roll a D6.

1 The fires of Tzeentch wrack your body, causing great pain. For the duration of the next adventure, you will be at -1 Toughness.

2 You recieve a glimpse of the future, and see many things that will be of use in your journey. Gain +1 Luck for the duration of the next adventure.

3 You discover the secret, and quite duplicitous machinations of an important person in the local government. Although you admire such cunning, you still blackmail him for D6x100 gold.

4 You gain great insight into the workings of the universe, and feel the powers of Chaos surge through you stronger than ever before. Gain 1D6 Power Tokens for the duration of the next adventure.

5 Through political maneuvering, you make some excellent contacts within the Colleges of Magic. The next time you visit the Wizard's Guild, you may re-roll each dice you roll once. You must accept the second result, even if it is worse.

6 You delve deep into the mysteries of time, creation and even existence, and the truths of the world are laid out before you. Tzeentch itself appears before you, as you gaze over His plan. Roll a D6.

1 Gain +1 to any stat of your choice for the duration of the next adventure.

2 Gain a free roll on the Characteristic Table.

3 Lose any 1 unwanted Attribute or Artefact.

4 Gain a free roll on the Attribute Table.

5 Gain a free roll on the Artefact Table.

6 Gain a free roll on the Path of Chaos Table.

Battle Levels
In order to progress through the Battle Levels, the Chaos Warrior collects gold for the Monsters he kills, just like any other warrior. His training is carried out at the Chaos Temple. However, his Battle level Table has certain important differences, which require some explanation. The path through the Battle levels for a Chaos Warrior is fickle and unpredictable. The Chaos Warrior does not aquire skills like the other Warriors. Instead, when he trains to go up a level, he gains characteristic increases, as well as Chaos Attributes and Chaos Artefacts and new spells.

In the Chaos Temple, the Chaos Warrior does not train as such. Instead, he makes offerings to Tzeentch, hoping for some kind of blessing or gift. He does this by giving up the gold prescribed on his Battle level Table. He gains a number of Path of Tzeentch dice as detailed on his Battle Level table. He may split these dice as he sees fit, between the Paths of Chaos, and learning new spells.He may spend no more than half his total (rounding down) on the Paths of Chaos. Any dice kept for learning new spells are used in exactly the same way as the Wizard, as detailed in the Roleplay Book. Once the Chaos Warrior has paid his gold and resolved his dice rolls, his training will take a week as normal (note that this does not take a day, as with other Chaos Warriors, due to the greater periods of time spent in study and contemplation).

Joining the Ranks of the Damned
Sometimes a Chaos Warrior will be so affected by the warping powers within him, that he become completely daemonic, the ultimate goal and greatest failure of all those who tread the path of Chaos. If the resulting mutations are largely beneficial, then he will be hailed as a Daemon Prince, favoured Champions of the gods, and exalted amongst all beings. If the mutations are largely crippling, however, he will be despised and pitied as a Chaos Spawn, lowest form of all existence, and cannon fodder in the armies of the North.

When a Chaos Warrior has more than 2 attributes (not including spells, duplicate attributes or daemon weapons) per Battle Level after he has trained to go up a Battle Level, then there is a chance of Daemonhood. You must roll 1D6 for every Attribute over the limit (for instance, having 14 attributes at level 5 would need to roll 4 dice). If any of these dice score a 1, then the Chaos Warrior has succumbed to Chaos wholly, and is out of the game. He will now either lead the armies of Chaos as a Daemon Prince, or be reduced to mere Chaos Spawn in the vanguard of such an army. You may use Luck Counters to re-roll some of these dice, hopefully alleviating the change.

Path of Chaos (1D6)
1 Gain 2 Chaos Attributes.
2 Gain 1 Chaos Attribute.
3 Gain 1 Characteristic Increase.
4 Gain 1 Characteristic increase.
5 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact.
6 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact.

Characteristic Increases Table (2D6)
Note that whether through characteristic increases or stat-boosting attributes, no characteristic may rise above 10, or fall below 1, with the exception of Wounds. Pinning and Ballistic Skill may not get any better than 2+. Reroll any results that would go against these limitations.

2 Gain +1 Movement
3 Gain +1 Attacks
4 Gain +1 Ballistic Skill
5 Gain +1 Luck
6 Gain +1 Toughness
7 Gain +1 Weapon Skill
8 Gain +1 Initiative
9 Gain +1 to Pinning Rolls
10 Gain +1D6 Wounds
11 Gain +1 Strength
12 Gain +1 Willpower

Tzeentch Attributes Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate attributes, unless stated otherwise.

11 Atrophy*
The Chaos Warrior's flesh withers and ages. Roll a D6.

1 The Warrior ages 30 years, losing -1 from his WS, S and I characteristics*.

2 The Warrior ages 10 years, losing -1 S.

3+ The aging process is purely cosmetic, leaving the Warrior looking somewhat haggard and ancient, yet not affecting his profile at all.

This may be gained multiple times.

12 Touch of Flame
The Chaos Warrior can infuse his hands with an unnatural magical flame. He gains an extra attack each turn, rolling to hit as normal, at -1 to hit. If it hits, it causes 2 wounds with no deductions at all. This may be gained multiple times, for multiple attacks each turn.

13 Mark of Tzeentch*
The Warrior is marked by Tzeentch, and is so favoured. He gains +1 Luck. Additionally, on a D6 roll of 1, the Mark is obviously manifest, marked by an *. This may be gained multiple times.

14 Coruscating Field*
A flickering field of pure vorpal energy erupts around the Chaos Warrior whenever struck. This confers +1 Toughness. This may be gained multiple times.

15 Unfailing Purpose
The Chaos Warrior's determination and conviction are unfallible. He gains +2 Willpower. This may be gained multiple times.

16 Ward of Chaos
The air around the Chaos Warrior seethes with Chaotic energy, deflecting arrows and bolts. All monsters who attack the Chaos Warrior with missile weapons do so at -1 to hit.

21 Magic Source
The Chaos Warrior's mere presence concentrates the magical energy around him. The Power Phase always counts as being 1 higher than the dice roll. A result of a 1 still counts as a 1, however.

22 Cowardice
Whenever an event that reveals Monsters that cause fear or terror, the Chaos Warrior must roll a D6.

1/2 The Chaos Warrior is at -1 on his fear dice rolls, and -2 on his terror dice rolls.

3+ Mastering his cowardice, the Chaos Warrior makes his fear/terror test as usual.

23 Power of Tzeentch
The Chaos Warrior marshalls the winds of magic with greater ease. He gains a further 1D6 Power Tokens each adventure. This may be gained multiple times.

24 Master of Sorcery
The Chaos Warrior is a mighty sorceror, and will not be hampered by a weak magical presence like lesser wizards are. The Chaos Warrior always adds his Battle Level to the Power Phase, even on a roll of a 1.

25 Magic Resistance
The power of Chaos makes the Warrior particularly resistant to spells. He gains +1 Magic Resistance. Note that unlike other Warriors of Chaos, the Tzeentch Warrior may choose not to use his resistance, for example against friendly healing or other beneficial magic. This may be gained multiple times.

26 Scaly Flesh*
The Chaos Warrior's flesh begins to turn scaly and chitinous. This process is a slow one and may take years to complete. Whenever the Chaos Warrior goes up a Battle Level from now on, roll a D6.

1 The scales affect the Warrior's mobility, reducing his movement rate by 1. If his movement rate has already been reduced by -1 because of the scales, then treat this result as a 2-5.

2-5 No change in condition, although small areas of scales are sprouting elsewhere on his body.

6 The scales have spread fairly rapidly, adding +1 to his Toughness.

31 Power Vortex
The Chaos Warrior uses the magic governing his physical existence to power his spells. At any point, he may take 1D6 wounds to gain a point of power towards casting a spell. He must use the power to directly power a spell, he may not store the power. He must take the wounds as soon as he takes each power point, and may not take any more if reduced to zero wounds. If, once reduced to zero wounds, he has enough power to cast the spell, he may still do so. He must cast the spell he initially intended to, and may not use any additional power tokens if reduced to zero wounds in this way.

32 Path of Fate
The Chaos Warrior is guided by Tzeentch's Great Will, and moves forward with purpose, confident in his path. Once per journey, the Chaos Warrior may re-roll an event. This may be gained multiple times.

33 Path of the Shadow
The way of the warrior is not meant for a Champion of Tzeentch - their's is to control choices form behind a curtain of shadow, unseen and omnipotent. The Chaos Warrior is at -1WS. This may be gained multiple times.

34 Weaponmaster
The Chaos Warrior may choose one of his weapons. The power of Chaos links the weapon to him in a psychic bond, guiding his hand when he uses the weapon in combat. When using this weapon, on top of any other benefits the weapon might confer, the Warrior will gain an additional benefit. Choose one of your weapons, and roll now to see what the permanent effect upon the weapon is:

1 The Chaos Warrior gains +1 to hit on all his dice rolls with that weapon.

2 When using this weapon, the Chaos Warrior may re-roll any single attack which misses each turn.

3 When the Chaos Warrior hits his target with this weapon, he gains an extra damage dice (+1D6 damage).

4 This weapon ignores any armour his opponent is wearing on a to hit dice roll of 5 or 6.

5 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Attack when weilding this weapon in combat.

6 On a dice roll of 5 or 6, this weapon ignores Toughness and Armour.

This may be gained multiple times.

35 Battle of Wills
The Chaos Warrior sees the magic gathered by enemy wizards as they prepare to cast a spell. He may attempt to dispel any spell cast, and will succeed on a D6 roll of a 6. This may be gained multiple times, adding +1 to the roll each time.

36 Gaze of Flame
The Chaos Warrior's gaze can destroy anything it looks at. This can be used once per turn as a missile attack, rolling to hit as normal. It is Strength 6, and damage is otherwise worked out as normal. This may be gained multiple times, for multiple attacks per turn.

41 Fortune of Tzeentch
The Great Sorceror has decreed that the Chaos Warrior shall enjoy the bounty of good fortune. Any time the Chaos Warrior uses a Luck Token, he may add or subtract 1 on a dice roll of a 4+.

42 Insubstantial*
As the power of the warp grows in the Chaos Warrior, his form becomes slightly blurred and misty as he slips further towards the otherwordly realm of daemons. He has a foot in both worlds, and may lose his grip on the physical world completely. All monsters are at -1 to hit the Chaos Warrior.

43 Tzeentch's Favour
The Great Sorceror has decreed that the Chaos Warrior shall enjoy the bounty of good fortune. Any time the Chaos Warrior makes a roll on a table (such as an event table, or a location table, but not the to hit table!), he may add or subtract 1 on a D6 roll of a 5+.

44 Pawn of Tzeentch
The Chaos Warrior is one of Tzeentch's favoured pawns, and is frequently used to further plots that do not concern him. Each time the Chaos Warrior gains a piece of treasure, roll a D6. On a 2 or higher, he gains it as normal. On a 1, Tzeentch has brought this item to him on purpose, to be transferred to a more favourable individual or location to further another of his schemes. The Warrior may not use the item in any way, as it is not his right. At some point in the future, the item will be discarded in a manner set by Tzeentch. In game terms, the Chaos Warrior does not gain the item of treasure, although it still counts as his share.

45 Featureless Face*
The Chaos Warrior's features vanish, and his face is now a smooth expanse of flesh.

46 Twisting Path of Tzeentch
Tzeentch is an uncaring master, and will occasionally sacrifice a powerful servant to further his incomprehensible schemes. Each time the Chaos Warrior uses a Luck Token in any way, roll a D6. On a 2+, the Luck Token is used as normal. On a 1, the Chaos Warrior expends the Luck Token, but gains no re-roll, as whatever calamity has befallen the Warrior is part of Tzeentch's Grand Plans.

51 Hypnotic Gaze
The Chaos Warrior's eyes glow with a piercing light. Once per turn, he may attempt to hypnotise his foe. Select any one model that is within his line of sight. Roll a D6; on a 6, the model is hypnotised for the duration of the turn, and loses 1D6 Attacks. This may be gained multiple times, for multiple attempts to hypnotise the same or different monsters.

52 Levitation
On a D6 roll of a 5 or 6, the Chaos Warrior may levitate, just like the spell. This must be used at the start of the turn.

53 Teleport
Once per adventure, the Chaos Warrior may, instead of moving normally, teleport to any square he wants on the board. When teleporting, he ignores the rules for pinning. Remember the rules for being lost in the dark, though! This may be gained multiple times, allowing the Chaos Warrior to teleport multiple times per adventure.

54 Breathe Fire
The Chaos Warrior exhales smoke, and can spit balls of blue flame at his adversaries. Once per turn, the Chaos Warrior may make a missile attack at any target up to 2 spaces away. Roll to hit as normal using BS, and work out damage as normal with normal Damage Dice and a Strength equal to the Chaos Warrior's Battle Level. This attack ignores armour. It may be gained multiple times, for multiple uses per turn.

55 Albino*
The Chaos Warrior's flesh turn snow-white. This has no effect on the Warrior whilst unedrground, but in daylight he avoids direct sunlight if possible as his skin is very sensitive to light, and he is easily blinded.

56 Arcane Knowledge
All manner of arcane knowledge fills the Chaos Warrior's head, secrets revealed to him that mortals should never know. In the Power Phase of each turn, if the Wizard rolls a 6, then the Chaos Warrior is affected in one way or another. Roll a D6:

1/2 Completely overwhelmed by the whirlwind of knowledge within his mind, the Chaos Warrior drops whatever weapon he is carrying and falls to his knees with his head in his hands. While in this state, he may do nothing, and if attacked, any opponents may add +2 to their to hit rolls. The Chaos Warrior will return to normal at the start of the next turn.

3+ The Chaos Warrior gains +1D6 Initiative for the turn, and may automatically cast any one of his spells, even if he would normally be unable to cast spells, from magical drain or the Shaman's Den special rules. The spell costs no power to cast, and cannot be dispelled or interfered with in any way.

61 Telepathy
The Chaos Warrior may read minds to some extent, and picks up hostile vibrations in the atmosphere. As such, he can never be suprised. When Monsters appear who would normally ambush the Warriors, he is not affected. Instead, once the Monsters are placed, he rolls a dice. On a score of 5 or 6, he gets an extra set of attacks before the Monsters strike. These attacks are resolved in addition to any others he may have that turn. All the other Warriors are ambushed as usual.

62 Eyes of Fire*
The Chaos Warrior's eyes glow with an unnatural light. He can now see in the darkness without the aid of the lantern, and so may move and explore on his own if he wishes.

63 Changing of the Ways
The presence of the Chaos Warrior causes the very fabric of reality to twist and bend under the immense powers of Chaos. Water runs uphill, horses croak like frogs, the sun crosses the sky in the opposite direction and other such anomalies.

64 Misleading Glamour
The Chaos Warrior crafts illusions around himself to ward off attacks. He reduces the Attacks of any one opponent of his choice by 1 per turn.

65 Destiny of Tzeentch
Tzeentch has chosen the Chaos Warrior as his divine instrument, though for what purpose and ultimate fate it is impossible to fathom. If the Chaos Warrior is wounded, Tzeentch may restore him to health. At the end of any turn in which the Chaos Warrior has been hit by one or more foes, he may attempt to heal his wounds by regenerating them. To do this, he rolls a dice. If he is currently above zero wounds, then on a dice roll of 4+ he will regain one wound per Battle Level. If he is on zero wounds (ie, about to die), then on a 5+ he will regenerate 1D6 wounds. He may gain this multiple times, adding +1 to the dice rolls required to regenerate.

66 Warp Change*
The Chaos Warrior begins to change, as he grows closer to daemonhood. He will become more inhuman in some way - the air will moan and sigh around him, his form will shift and creep randomly, fire will erupt from the ground where he treads, his head will change into the likeness of a great bird of prey, or other such boons. Roll a dice to discover their practical benefits. Since each change is different, this may be gained multiple times.

1/2 The change is purely cosmetic.

3 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Characteristic.

4 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra attribute (note that this does not count as 2 attributes, merely a Warp Change with the effects of the other attribute).

5 The Chaos Warrior gains both an extra Characteristic, and an extra Attribute.

6 Rather than a personal change, the Chaos Warrior has been gifted with a Daemon Weapon! Roll up 2 weapons from the Tzeentch Artefact Table and combine the results to decide the effect of the new weapon! Note that some weapons might not be able to be combined, so they should be re-rolled. If a non-weapon artefact is rolled, re-roll this also. The Daemon Weapon should be named, and counts as an artefact rather than an attribute, although it still counts as 'obviously manifest', due to it's daemonic appearance.

Tzeentch Artefact Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate results. All weapons are magical, in addition to stated effects. No equipment may be lost or destroyed, other than at the Chaos Temple. Chaos Artefacts may never be swapped between Warriors, even other Chaos Warriors.

11 Bewitched Blade
This blade is black as pitch, with dark blue runes inscribed on it's surface. This sword cannot be discarded, it must be used. The only way the bearer may get rid of it is by paying 1D6x500 gold the next time he finds a Chaos Temple. Only then will the curse be lifted. The sword draws danger from many leagues, and in the Power Phase, an unexpected event will occur on a dice roll of a 1 or 2 while this blade is with the party of Warriors. This artefact may not be combined with any other.

12 Helm of Sorcery
This helm glitters with a sinister light, surrounding the Chaos Warrior with a halo of energy. Once per adventure, the Chaos Warrior may cast one of his spells for free. This helm also provides +1 Toughness, as normal.

13 Black Hood of Kargan
This hood appears insubstantial and ghostlike, as though only partially existing on this plane. While wearing this hood, the Chaos Warrior can breathe in any condition, even a vacuum, and is immune to all gas-based effects.

14 Ring of Desolation
This ring is carved from ice. Although dripping water continuously, it never seems to melt or lose its shape. Once per turn, it may make a missile attack against a single monster on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior. Roll against BS as normal. If it hits, the enemy is frozen into a statue for 1 turn. It may not attack, nor be attacked. It may not take any other action at all.

15 Sword of Unholy Power
The bearer can draw upon the power of this fell sword to fuel his magic. Any spells cast while the Chaos Warrior weilds this sword have their casting level reduced by 1.

16 Talisman of Tzeentch
This talisman is wrought from a shifting, silvered substance, and bears the rune of Tzeentch. The wearer may dispel any spells on the roll of a 6+. If the wearer has a magic dispel form another source, such as Battle of Wills, then the talisman will add 1 to the dice roll instead.

21 Soul Cleaver
This blade was forged over a fire of starving souls. Its edges are worked into a thousand tiny mouths, each studded with spiny teeth and rasping tongues. When it strikes a victim, its vitality is drained away by the Soul Cleaver's dark magic. This weapon causes an extra dice of damage each time it hits.

22 Chaos Familiar
A Chaos Familiar can take almost any shape, from a tiny midget or strange beast to a walking tome or swirl of sulphurous smoke. It is not represented by a seperate model, although the player may wish to model a Familiar onto the Chaos Warrior's base. Once per turn, the Chaos Warrior may add or subtract 1 from a single dice roll.

23 Blade of Disenchantment
This blade is ancient beyond telling, and it's edge cracked and broken. In battle it crackles with barely contained energies, smiting down the foes of it's weilder. Every time the weilder wounds a monster that carries a magic weapon, wears any magical armour or who has any other magic item, this blade destroys a single piece of it's magic equipment. The Chaos Warrior may choose which magic item is destroyed.

24 Bedlam Staff
Enemies struck by this staff are temporarily dazed as its power drives conscious though from their minds. Any enemy wounded by this weapon will be at -2 to hit next turn, and may not cast spells.

25 Daemon Steed
A Daemon Steed is born of foul magick, and the ground itself blazes or weeps at it's tread. The air around it shimmers with magical energy, and their roars and wails can send shivers down the spine of the bravest warrior. The Daemon Steed confers the same advantages as a Warhorse, althought it confers +2 to any hazard rolls, rather than +1, and it cannot be stolen or lost in any way.

26 Spell Eater Blade
This blade is plain and dull, only bursting into a blaze of light when magic is cast in it's immediate vicinity. This sword allows the weilder to igmore the effects of any spell cast against him on a dice roll of 5 or 6 (ie, it gives him +2 Magic Resistance).

31 Ring of Illusion
This ring creates a cunning illusion, allowing the wearer to appear as a normal man. The Chaos Warrior will not have to test to see if he is refused entry to a settlement because of obviously manifest attributes.

32 Crown of Immunity
Cast in the strongest of iron, and enchanted in the forge fires of Chaos, this crown causes great power to flow through the body of the wearer. The wearer gains +2 Toughness. It may be worn with a helm.

33 Sword of Change
The Sword of Change has the power to warp its foes and turn them into vile monstrosities, dribbling mindless creatures known as Chaos Spawn. If the Chaos Warrior rolls a natural 6 to hit, the enemy will be subject to the warping influence of the blade, instead of taking normal damage. The enemy will take D6 wounds per Battle Level of the Chaos Warrior, with no deductions at all.

34 Chalice of Chaos
The Chalice of Chaos works strange and unpredictable changes on all who drink from it. The Chalice may be drunk from during the Power Phase, once per adventure. Roll a D6.

1 The Chaos Warrior is wracked with pain and fury. He is immune to all forms of damage for the duration of the turn, but is reduced to 1 Wound in the following Power Phase.

2/3 The Chaos Warrior feels a barrier between himself and the winds of magic. For the duration of the turn, he gains +3 magic resistance, but all spells he casts cost an extra 2 power points.

4/5 The Chaos Warrior feels at one with the winds of magic. All spells he casts this turn cost 2 fewer power points, but he loses all magic resistance. This does not affect any dispel ability he may have.

6 The Chaos Warrior feels the power of pure Chaos flow through him. He is healed to full wounds, and may cast a spell for free on the roll of 4+. He may keep casting free spells in this way this turn, until he fails to roll a 4+.

35 Staff of Change
The Staff of Change is a symbol of Tzeentch, Lord of Magic. It focuses Chaotic energy, allowing the weilder to control the winds of magic with more precision than any normal sorceror could ever hope for. The Chaos Warrior may re-roll the Power Phase a number of times dependant on his title:

Initiate 1 time per adventure
Aspiring Champion 2 times per adventure
Mighy Champion 3 times per adventure
Exalted Champion 4 times per adventure

36 Daemonic Robes
The Chaos Warrior is attired in magical robes covered in the runes of Tzeentch. They billow enigmatically, and move as if stirred by the winds of fate. They may be worn in addition to armour, and confer +1 Ignore Pain (see Bestiary in Roleplay Book).

41 Parrying Blade
A shimmering haze surrounds this weapon, and the weilder is protected by glowing bands of power. This weapon reduces the Attacks of any one opponent of the Chaos Warrior's choice by 1 per turn.

42 Warpblade
Gifted to the mightiest sorcerors and most devious of plotters, the Warpblade has the power to scatter and dissipate magical energy aimed at its bearer. This tends to attract the the denizens of the daemon-realm who hungrily sniff out the source of the power. This blade grants the wearer the ability to dispel enemy spells on a D6 roll of a 5+ (+2 magic dispel). Any time the Chaos Warrior dispels a spell while weilding this blade, the spell's caster takes D6 wounds with no deductions at all, as daemons tear at his soul.

43 Spear of the Ether
This hell-forged weapon exists partly in other dimensions. The wielder gains +2I and may fight in ranks, as usual. In addition, any blows struck by this weapon will ignore Toughness and Armour.

44 Blade of Wound Stealing
This dark red blade looks as if it has been made from coagulated blood, and thrums as it cuts the air. Once per turn, when the Chaos Warrior has rolled to hit,he may use this blade to steal the Wounds he causes with that blow, gaining them himself. The Chaos Warrior's Wounds may not be raised above his Starting total.

45 Black Amulet
The Black Amulet not only protects its wearer but wreaks a terrible revenge upon those that would harm its master. Each time the Chaos Warrior is hit, roll a D6. On a 6, the blow is deflecting back upon the attacker, who suffers it's full effect rather than the Chaos Warrior, who gains gold for any monsters killed in such a manner.

46 Chaos Armour
Chaos Armour is the living gift of Tzeentch upon a mighty warrior. It is more solid as any earthly material, yet light and supple. This armour confers +3T, and no mobility penalties.

51 Armour of Damnation
This highly ornate suit of Chaos armour shimmers with unnatural energies that distort the position of the wearer so that the enemy's blows miss their mark. This suit of armour confers +1T. In addition, the enemy must re-roll any successful rolls to hit.

52 Helm of Many Eyes
This bell-like helm has no eye-holes, but is covered with eyes wrought over it's surface through which, it is said, the wearer sees into the hearts and minds of men. While wearing this helm, the Chaos Warrior is at +2 Initiative, and the party can never be ambushed. Note that due to it's fragile surface, it confers no Toughness bonus. It may be merged without this penalty with another helm, as normal.

53 Warplock Rifle
This long-barelled firearm is covered in ancient, unclean runes. It's shots blast their mark apart with a great blast which sucks away all light, and leaves the smell of burnt ozone hanging in the air. This weapon is a missile weapon, and may make one shot per turn at +1 to hit. It is Strength 8, and ignores armour, as well as the Ignore Pain ability. It comes with enough shot and gunpowder for 9 shots, which may only be replaced at the Chaos Temple, at a cost of 200 gold for 9 shots. After firing, this weapon takes 1 turn to reload. This weapon may not be merged.

54 Armour of Fortitude
This armour is a deep blue in colour, and seems to absorb light as it's wearer strides through the dungeon. This armour confers +1T, and +1 Magic Resistance.

55 Helm of Daemon Sight
The visor of this golden helm is cast in the shape of an eyeless face, the mouth frozen in a perpetual snarl. This helmet increases the wearer's Toughness by +1, and also confers +1 Luck.

56 Chaos Tombblade
This blade was forged in the fire of Chaos. It thirsts for blood and as it slays it radiates raw magic power. The more lives it claims the more magic it releases. Every time this sword inflicts at least a single wound on a living target (not Undead or Daemons), the Chaos Warrior gains a Power Token, which can be used at any point until the end of combat.

61 Skull of Katam
The skull of the sorceror Katam continues to whisper words of power into the ears of its owner. This allows the Chaos Warrior to re-roll any or all of his 'spell determining dice' when he goes up a Battle Level. You may only re-roll each dice once and must take the second result, even if it is worse.

62 Golden Eye of Tzeentch
The Golden Eye of Tzeentch is an intricately carved talisman. Those who gaze upon it are transfixed by its otherwordly appearance. Each monster attacking the bearer must roll a D6. On a score of 1 or 2, the orb is so captivating that the monster will not strike the Chaos Warrior at all, and does nothing this turn instead.

63 All Seeing Eye
This arcane jewel glows brightly, revealing the path ahead. The Chaos Warrior may move and explore as if he had the lantern, and is not affected by being lost in the dark. In addition, he may always look at the next dungeon card, and may reveal the next event card on a D6 roll of a 6.

64 Crown of Everlasting Conquest
This crown is crafted with magnificent spikes and horns which radiate invigorating dark power. This crown allows the wearer to regain 2 wounds per turn. If the wearer is ever knocked down to zero wounds, then the crown ceases to work until he is back on his feet again. It may be worn in addition to a helm.

65 Warpstone Charm
This charm is a peice of pure warpstone - the solidified essence of Chaos. It is hammered into the bearer's flesh where it grows and becomes part of the body. It confers +1 Luck token.

66 Chalice of Fate
This crystal chalice is filled with a swirling, multi-coloured liquid. It never empties, and never spills a drop. At the start of the adventure, the Chaos Warrior may drink from the chalice. Roll a D6. The number he rolls is the number of attacks which will automatically hit in the adventure. He may choose which attacks will automatically hit, saving them until the time is right. At the end of the adventure, any attacks left over are lost, and the Chaos Warrior must roll again at the start of the next dungeon.

Battle Level Table
Any characteristics which do not appear on the table are random, dictated solely by the Path of Chaos Table, and are not automatically increased by level.

 Battle Level
Damage dice
Path of Tzeentch













1 3

Roleplay Guidelines
In some aspects, the Tzeentchian Warrior will be like the Chaos Warrior, and in others he will be more like the Wizard. In general, he will be like a cross between the two, being better in combat than the Wizard, and a better sorceror than the Chaos Warrior. He will not be so inclined to physical challenges as other Chaos Warrior, but will excel at the arcane and the unknown. In this he will be more skilled than even the Wizard and Witch Hunter. His sorcery may well be regarded as purer and less ritualistic than the Wizard's, as he simply shapes reality according to his own whims. He may be a formidable warrior, but will be unlikely to be able to compete with the Trollslayer or the Pit Fighter. As a rule, he will rely on magic to achieve most of his goals, but will not be averse to using his sword-arm.

He will likely be even more enigmatic and mysterious than other Chaos Warriors, and will be prone to actions that are seemingly incomprehensible. The other Warriors may just dismiss him as a powerful but eccentric Wizard, especially since many Wizards are powerful and eccentric. But this would be a mistake. The Tzeentch Warrior is more in touch with the truth of existance than any other, and will not be averse to sacrifices for some greater purpose. He will seem aloof and uncaring, unless it suits his goals to seem otherwise. Ultimately, the Tzeentch Warrior only cares for power, at whatever expense.