Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh by Lou Ovens

There is much despair in the Warhammer World. War is a constant threat, whether from the Undead armies to the South, the ravaging Marauders of the North, or even from neighboring baronies of men. Illness stalks the land like a ghost, and death is never far away. Monsters lurk in the mountains and forests, and even the alleys and sewars of cities, supposed bastions of safety. The world is a grim place, with little joy to be had. Humanity turns to religion and propaganda to make itself feel safe, yet even this is not enough for some. Their souls cry out for nourishment, and they will not be denied. Some turn to banditry, preying on the weak so that they themselves feel strong. Some turn to drink, so that they will not acknowledge their plight. Others hide themselves from the world, in false hope that it's dangers will not find them. Still others take a darker road.....

The Chaos God Slaanesh, Prince of Chaos, offers succour to such individuals, for it is within his power to bring light to the darkness of the world; to ignite the senses with passion where once there was nought but fear. Those who pledge themselves to Slaanesh have their minds, and indeed their very souls awoken once again to the pure rapture of existence, and take pleasure in all things. They are gifted with power, and perfection in whatever they wish, and many become peerless artists, matchless warriors and beloved leaders. But this newfound existence has a price......

Soon, the old pleasures grow tiresome, and new passions must be found to hold their attention. Soon these too grow boring, until darker avenues are explored, as the Chaos Warrior ceases to care about anything other than his own gratification. Slaanesh smiles on such individuals, and eagerly offers new, unnatural and debased pleasures, for the Chaos Warrior's very soul belongs to Slaanesh now, and there can be no turning back.

Such individuals are not evil as such; they simply follow a different path to the rest of the world. However, society, in it's jealousy, will not tolerate such free will and deviancy, and will persecute such individuals. It is not in their best interests to stay for long in a single place, so they move around, sampling all the world has to offer, and more. Many will join a band of adventurers and brave the dungeons of the old world, eager for the thrill of the fight and the chance to discover the secrets of past civilizations. In such a way these Warriors of Slaanesh live their lives, relishing every moment and living only for that moment. They will throw themselves into combat with reckless abandon, and will make a stalwart ally, at least for a while. But ultimately, his path is walked alone, with only the hand of Slaanesh for comfort, and leads to the darkest realm imaginable.

Starting as a Chaos Warrior

The profile of the Chaos Warrior is as follows:

Wounds 3D6
Move 4
Weapon Skill 4
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 3
Toughness 3 (4)
Initiative 4
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 5+
Willpower 2


Starting Equipment:
Sword (Str + D6 damage)
Armour (+1 Toughness)

Mark of Slaanesh
The Mark of Slaanesh represents
the magical emblem which the Chaos
Warrior has emblazoned on his flesh,
the sign of his patron. The Mark of
Nurgle gives +1 Luck, which allows
him to re-roll any single dice roll, once per adventure.

Gifts of Chaos
In addition to equipment, the Chaos Warrior also starts the game with a number of other special abilities and items. Due to the unpredictable nature of Chaos, the nature and number of these 'gifts' is not fixed. Before you start the game, roll a dice and consult the table below:

1-3 The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 2 Chaos Attributes and 1 Chaos Artefact.
4-6 The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 1 Chaos Attribute and 2 Chaos Artefacts.

Roll on the two tables below to find out what Artefacts/Attributes your Chaos Warrior has. The number in brackets is that attribute/artefacts position on the main tables, which should be checked to find their effects.

Chaos Attributes (1D6)
1 Dissatisfaction (33)
2 Arcane Knowledge (56)
3 Fast (36)
4 Aura of Slaanesh (26)
5 Grace (41)
6 Daemonspeed (42)

Chaos Artefacts (1D6)
1 The Beguiling Gem (35)
2 Whip of Pleasure (61)
3 Lashing Blade (34)
4 Siren Flute (52)
5 Entrancing Blade (24)
6 Tormentor Sword (15)

Chaos Warriors and Equipment/Treasure
The Chaos Warrior may use any equipment available to the Barbarian, with the following exceptions: he will not lower himself to the point of riding a mule; he will not use a musket; he will not use any armour that impedes his movement; and he will not use bows or crossbows of any kind. He may not use any treasure, other than potions and any non-magical treasure, such as gold and firebombs.

Sense Altering Substances
At any time, the Slaaneshi Warrior will likely have numerous foreign (and probably illegal) substances in his bloodstream which alter his perceptions and adrenaline flow, meaning his physical and psychological state will fluctuate. Whenever idle, the Slaaneshi Warrior will take something to alleviate boredom, and will do so reflexively, in the same way a halfling will reflexively reach into his knapsack for food. Normally, this will have little effect on his actions, and thus little effect on the game. He will stop taking substances during combat, as the thrill of combat will satisfy him for as while. However, the last thing he took may have some sort of effect on him that alters his combat ability.

To represent this, at the start of combat, as soon as monsters are placed, you should roll 1D6 on the following table. All effects last for 1 turn, after which he will proceed to fight as normal.

1 The Chaos Warrior is sedated and blissful. His WS is reduced to 1, and he will require a 6 to hit with missile weapons.

2/3 The substances in the Chaos Warrior's system have no major effect on his ability, and he fights as normal.

4 The Chaos Warrior's motions become refined and exact, as he fights flawlessly without thought. He may re-roll all missed to hit rolls.

5 Adrenaline surges through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he fights furiously. He gains +1D3 Attacks.

6 The Chaos Warrior's senses are heightened immensely, and the world appears to slow around him. He may take a Warrior's Phase immediately, pre-empting any ambushes. This does not impede his ability to act in the following Warrior's phase.

 Visiting Settlements
The Chaos Warrior is a somewhat enigmatic, unusual character, and as such may cause suspicion and distrust when he visits a settlement. Sometimes the militia of a settlement will even throw the Chaos Warrior out ot town. Of course, if he has any obvious signs of Chaos, the likelihood of this happening increases tremendously.

Whenever the Warriors arrive in a settlement, the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice for every Chaos Attribute he possesses that is obviously manifest. These attributes are marked with a star (*) in the following tables. If any of these dice comes up as a 1, then he is refused admission to the settlement.

As the Slaaneshi Warrior prefers luxury, his living expenses are always 10 gold per day, regardless of whether he is staying in a village, town or city.

The Chaos Warrior may visit the following locations: The Alehouse (+1 modifier, even when using the expanded Alehouse rules from CJ28), the Alchemist, the Gambling Den, any trader, Luigi & Salvatore and the Chaos Temple.

Luigi & Salvatore
The followers of Slaanesh appreciate the finer things in life, and many come from noble backgrounds. The Slaaneshi Warrior is interested in what's new and fashionable, and also appreciates quality. The Slaaneshi Warrior may visit L&S in the same way as the Imperial Noble, with the following exceptions - he is not obliged to visit L&S at all if he does not want to, he does not need to discard any eqipment before visiting. Although he does not check to see if he must but the lastest fashion, he must buy fine robes from here, rather than the general store, if he ever has to do so. As he does not care much for those weapons that lack finesse in combat, he may not buy a repeater pistol, a blunderbuss or a hunting rifle, although he may buy a duelling pistol. Also, since his sword-style is different, he has no use for a rapier or a sabre.

The Chaos Temple
In many towns there are those who have rejected the accepted gods, the established religions, and have turned to other, darker forms of worship. These Chaos cults are steeped in secrecy, as to be revealed as a follower of Chaos is to be shunned, reviled and often executed. However, the attraction of Chaos is power and immortatlity, and there are usually the insane few who are willing to take whatever risks are necessary to gain the patronage of the Chaos gods.

Whenever he visits a settlement, the Chaos Warrior may attempt to find a Chaos Temple, to pray to Slaanesh, and to make offerings and sacrifices to the altar that lies within. The Chaos Warrior must find the temple, just like any other special location in a town or city. He must spend 2D6x10 gold as offerings at the Chaos Temple, hoping to recieve the attention of his dark patron.After paying the required gold, roll a D6 and consult the table below.

1 The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 2 Chaos Attributes - see the table below.

2 The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 1 Chaos Attribute - see the table below.

3 The Prince of Chaos is not listening, there are greater things afoot in the world to claim his attention. The Chaos Warrior's pleas go unanswered.

4 The Chaos Warrior stands before the altar to Slaanesh, imploring that he listen to his cries. In the past, they punished him by granting him a warping, crippling attribute. Despite this cruel trick, the Chaos Warrior has served his master well, and is sure that now is the time for the balance to be redressed. The player must select any single attribute, crossing it off his profile. As that attribute vanishes, the Chaos Warrior gains another! Roll another attribute randomly, and take that instead.

5 As he touches the altar and dedicates his victims to his master, the Chaos Warrior feels renewed strength and vigour coursing throughout his body. The Chaos Warrior gains 1 extra Wound, permanently.

6 The temple reels and swirls as solid objects begin to mutate and change. Nothing is as it should be, and darkness claims all. The power of Chaos is at hand, and the Chaos Warrior kneels before it's mighty presence. The Chaos Warrior may, if he chooses, try to merge two Chaos Artefacts together, so that their powers are joined into one single, powerful artefact. If you wish to do this, select two artefacts. They must be similar artefacts, such as hand-to-hand weapons, or shields.

The Chaos Warrior places both artefacts on the altar, and waits with eager anticipation. Roll a dice and consult the following table to see what happens next.

1 One of the artefacts vanishes, sucked back into the warp, and the other remains unchanged. Randomly select which artefact vanishes. The Chaos Warrior no longer has this artefact.

2/3 Nothing happens, the Prince of Chaos has no interest in the petty wishes of their servant.

4 The altar is briefly obscured by cloying smoke, drifting around the temple and fogging the senses. When the smoke clears, the two original artefacts are still there, unchanged, but another sits alongside them. The Chaos Warrior retains the two original artefacts, and also gains another. Roll on the Chaos Artefact Table to see what this new artefact is.

5/6 Time slows, the temple darkens, the fabric of reality groans and shifts. When the moment passes, there is but one artefact left on the altar, a mutated union of the two placed there by the Chaos Warrior. The two items are now merged. Cross them off your profile, and write in the combined abilities of the new item. It is a good idea to name the artefact, as it will no doubt become one of the Chaos Warrior's most trusted and treasured items. Note that if items which boost stats are combined, the stat increases do not combine, it simply retains the highest bonus of the two. Furthermore, items which double characteristics will still only double when combined, rather than quadruple. Within these limitations, you can continue to merge items as the Chaos Warrior visits the temple again and again.


Chaos Warriors and Events
The Chaos Warrior may behave towards certain events differently to other Warriors. Those events not listed below will be approached as normal.

Settlement Events
15 Investment
Any business ventures the Slaaneshi Warrior takes part in are likely to be of dubious morality at best, and illegal at worst. On a result of a 1, instead of going bust, the entire operation has been closed down by the authorities, and those responsible have been jailed! The Chaos Warrior must leave town immediately to avoid the law!

26 Betrothed
Taken back to meet the future 'in laws', the Slaaneshi Warrior takes part in a fairly poor engagement party. By the end of the night, he has converted the entire family (other than the few who were killed as part of the festivities) to a cult of Slaanesh. The Chaos Warrior's new 'wife' pledges herself, body and soul, to Slaanesh, while the family dote on the Chaos Warrior hand and foot. He will not have to pay living expenses for the remainder of his stay here.

33 An Honest Day's Work
Obviously, alterior motives lie behind the Slaaneshi Warrior's decision to work at the docks. He'd quite like a look around for smuggled goods. Roll a D6. On a 3+, he finds a hidden cache of a strange, foreign smelling powder inside a cotton bale. Once during the next adventure, he may re-roll his 'Substance Roll'. On a 1, he is found snooping and thrown into the foul smelling dock water. He must replace his clothes and boots, which have been ruined. He also does not get paid. On a 2, he finds nothing at all, and wastes all that effort.....

43 Join the Watch
The Chaos Warrior must pay off the Watch, as there is no way he'll do actual work for no reason if he can help it....

51 Crime
If the Chaos Warrior has actually committed any crimes during his stay (petty theft, murder, etc), then must pay 1D6x10 gold for each crime, as well as a day in jail for each one. This is on top of the murder accusation!

Uneventful Days
Whenever the Chaos Warrior rolls an uneventful day, roll once on the following table.

1 Unwanted Attention
The Chaos Warrior's actions have drawn some unwanted attention......roll 1D6.

1 Due to a string of disappearances, and the attention he has been getting from young women, the Chaos Warrior has been fingered as a Vampire by the local priests! As a 'Vampire', he is given the customary treatment - staked through the heart, head chopped off, then his body burned to the wind! He is quite, quite dead, and is removed from play. Use a Luck counter now!

2 After a tryst with his (quite beautiful, and outrageously kinky) daughter, the local Baron is enraged with your presence. You must leave the settlement immediately, or else deal with his loyal force of one hundred armed men!

3 After meeting a nice, fairly shy young woman in a local bar, you take her home for a 'nightcap'. However, behind closed doors, the phrase 'it's always the quiet ones' springs into your mind, as she turns out to be much more domineering than you first thought - maybe it's all your talk of 'losing inhibitions'. You finally manage to escape her basement after only D6 days....

4+ Your charm and physical appeal are a curse this once, as you seem to have aquired a stalker. Unfortunately, your stalker is quite repulsive, and not too good at remaining hidden. For the rest of your stay, you are followed around by this person, to the laughter and derision of all those who notice.

2/3 Uneventful Day
It really is an uneventful day!

4+ Revelling
The Slaaneshi Warrior spends the rest of the day (and night) worshipping Slaanesh in the most appropriate fashions available to him. Roll a D6.

1 A rather gleeful woman in black leather and an over-zealous use of a crop may have seemd like fun at the time, but by the time the next adventure comes, you find the incurred injuries to be quite inconvenient. At the start of the next adventure, you will be 1D6 wounds below your starting, which may be healed as normal.

2 You come across a rather miraculous pink-ish powder, which is capable of returning all vitality to your body! However, by the time morning comes round, you only have a small drop left, enough for one dose. This may be used at any time to heal the Chaos Warrior back to Starting Wounds. Only the Chaos Warrior may use it, though, as it would probably incapacitate any one else!

3 Finding nothing special is offered in this settlement, the Slaanesh Warrior makes do with the local alehouses and taverns. Make a normal roll on the Alehouse table, at +1 as normal. If you are using the expanded Alehouse rules from CJ28, then roll D3+1 dice, again adding 1 as normal.

4 The Chaos Warrior aquaints himself with a local supplier of various performance-enhancing stimulants. He may buy up to one batch of Enhancers, without a stock roll, from the Fighting School Armoury.

5 The locals are taken in by the Chaos Warrior's charm and demeanour, and very soon a cult is in place around him. Roll a D6. On a 1, he is thrown out of the settlement for inciting lustful behaviour. on a 6, the cult is composed of the settlement's most influentual individuals, and the Chaos Warrior need never pay living expenses for the duration of his stay, nor will he ever have to serve time in prison. On any other result, he manages to obtain D6x50 gold from his dedicated followers.

6 While enjoying himself with half a dozen beautiful, young maidens, on sheets of purest silk and with access to the very best stimulants from the distant east, the Chaos Warrior's soul is enlightened, as Slaanesh itself appears before him. Roll a D6.

1 Gain +1 to any stat of your choice for the duration of the next adventure.
2 Gain a free roll on the Characteristic Table.
3 Lose any 1 unwanted Attribute or Artefact.
4 Gain a free roll on the Attribute Table.
5 Gain a free roll on the Artefact Table.
6 Gain a free roll on the Path of Chaos Table.

Battle Levels
In order to progress through the Battle Levels, the Chaos Warrior collects gold for the Monsters he kills, just like any other warrior. His training is carried out at the Chaos Temple. However, his Battle level Table has certain important differences, which require some explanation. The path through the Battle levels for a Chaos Warrior is fickle and unpredictable. The Chaos Warrior does not aquire skills like the other Warriors. Instead, when he trains to go up a level, he gains characteristic increases, as well as Chaos Attributes and Chaos Artefacts. In the Chaos Temple, the Chaos Warrior does not train as such. Instead, he makes offerings to Slaanesh, hoping for some kind of blessing or gift. He does this by giving up the gold prescribed on his Battle level Table. Once he has paid his gold, the Chaos Warrior makes a number of rolls on the Path of Chaos Table. His Battle Level Table will show how many rolls he can make. Once he has found what benefits he has obtained, he has finished his 'training', taking only a single day.

Normally, magic is an incredibly difficult art to master, requiring long years of study and practice. Not so for the followers of Chaos. Occasionally, Chaos Warriors who are not otherwise sorcerors are capable of magical feats, abilities granted to them by their dark gods. From the time the Chaos Warrior is training to become Battle Level 2 onwards, there is a chance of him learning sorcery. Anytime the Chaos Warrior would gain an attribute, roll a D6. On a 1-5, he gains the attribute as normal. On a 6, however, he learns a spell instead. He casts spells in the same way as the Elf Ranger and the Warrior Priest. To clarify, he rolls 1D6, adds the power phase for the turn, and succeeds on the roll of a 7 or more, although a roll of a 1 still fails, regardless of the total. If the Chaos Warrior has access to any Power Tokens (from the Chaos Tombblade, for example), then he may expend them to add +1 to any casting roll for each token. He may attempt to cast one spell per casting level each turn, and they may be resisted and dispelled as normal. He also gains 5 gold per wound healed on another Warrior with his spells, the same as the Wizard. Any spells gained are rolled for on the Slaanesh Spell Table, rather than using the Wizard's spell cards. Note that if the Chaos Warrior somehow manages to cast a spell at Battle Level 1, where his Casting Level is 0 (for instance, using the attribute Arcane Knowledge), he counts as having a Casting Level of 1 for the purposes of the spell's effects.

Joining the Ranks of the Damned
Sometimes a Chaos Warrior will be so affected by the warping powers within him, that he become completely daemonic, the ultimate goal and greatest failure of all those who tread the path of Chaos. If the resulting mutations are largely beneficial, then he will be hailed as a Daemon Prince, favoured Champions of the gods, and exalted amongst all beings. If the mutations are largely crippling, however, he will be despised and pitied as a Chaos Spawn, lowest form of all existence, and cannon fodder in the armies of the North.

When a Chaos Warrior has more than 2 attributes (not including spells, duplicate attributes or daemon weapons) per Battle Level after he has trained to go up a Battle Level, then there is a chance of Daemonhood. You must roll 1D6 for every Attribute over the limit (for instance, having 14 attributes at level 5 would need to roll 4 dice). If any of these dice score a 1, then the Chaos Warrior has succumbed to Chaos wholly, and is out of the game. He will now either lead the armies of Chaos as a Daemon Prince, or be reduced to mere Chaos Spawn in the vanguard of such an army. You may use Luck Counters to re-roll some of these dice, hopefully alleviating the change.

Path of Chaos (1D6)
1 Gain 3 Chaos Attributes.
2 Gain 1 Chaos Attribute.
3 Gain 1 Characteristic Increase.
4 Gain 2 Characteristic increases.
5 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact.
6 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact and 1 Characteristic increase.

Characteristic Increases Table (2D6)
Note that whether through characteristic increases or stat-boosting attributes, no characteristic may rise above 10, or fall below 1, with the exception of Wounds. Pinning and Ballistic Skill may not get any better than 2+. Reroll any results that would go against these limitations.
2 Gain +1 Movement
3 Gain +1 Luck
4 Gain +1 Ballistic Skill
5 Gain +1 Toughness
6 Gain +1 Attack
7 Gain +1 Weapon Skill
8 Gain +1 Initiative
9 Gain +1D6 Wounds
10 Gain +1 to Pinning Rolls
11 Gain +1 Strength
12 Gain +1 Willpower

Slaanesh Attributes Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate attributes, unless stated otherwise.

11 Addicted to Vice
The Chaos Warrior is drawn towards petty criminal acts, like petty theft and vandalism, and often commits such acts without thinking about it. The Chaos Warrior always counts as having comitted D6 crimes per settlement, for the purposes of the Crime result on the Settlement Events Table.

12 Scream of Slaanesh
The Chaos Warrior can emit a scream that tears at the soul, and crushes the spirit. One per turn, he may make a ranged attack at his normal Ballistic Skill. If he hits the target, it may not move, attack or cast spells in the monster's phase, due to the psychic shock of the scream. This may be gained more than once, for multiple screams each turn.

13 Mark of Slaanesh*
The Warrior is marked by Slaanesh, and is so favoured. He gains +1 Luck. Additionally, on a D6 roll of 1, the Mark is obviously manifest, marked by an *. This may be gained multiple times.

14 Rapture
Pain is nothing to be feared, but something to be savoured and enjoyed. The Chaos Warrior gains Ignore Pain 1, as detailed in the Bestiary section. This may be gained multiple times.

15 Agility
The Chaos Warrior has amazing reactions and co-ordination. He adds +1 to all tests involving jumping, leaping and dodging. This means the Chaos Warrior may dodge incoming attacks on a 6+. This may be gained multiple times.

16 Daemonic Arrogance
The Chaos Warrior is arrogant and proud beyond measure, and holds all dangers in utter contempt. The Chaos Warrior is now immune to all psychology, fear and terror for example.

21 Carnival of Lust
The Slaaneshi Warrior's movements are graceful and flawless as he dances between foes, gifting each with a caress from his blade. He may make attacks during any point of his movement, although he remains affected by any pinning limitations. If he gains this attribute a second time, he may continue his deathblows while moving. If he gains it a third time, re-roll the result.

22 Decadent One
The Chaos Warrior is easily waylaid by trivial things, and will often spend his money on frivolous purchases, even if the money is set aside for important things. Every time he buys something in a settlement, roll a D6. On a 1, he has spent the money on something else. Cross off the money as normal, but you gain nothing (useful) for doing so. You may still pay for the item as normal, but will also be subject to the rules for timewasting as normal if you do not buy it.

23 Tormentor
The Warrior's touch brings about horrific, delicious agony. Any time the Chaos Warrior rolls a natural 6 to hit, his attack ignores toughness. It is also unaffected by ignore pain and ignore blow. Armour will reduce the attack as normal.

24 Psychotic Warrior
The Chaos Warrior has gone one step too far towards the madness which engulfs his kind. Cackling and giggling to himself at his own macabre jokes, he finds the death and carnage of the dungeon most amusing. He is now at +1 to all psychology-based tests such as fear and terror. Re-roll this if you already have Daemonic Arrogance. This may be gained multiple times.

25 Magic Resistance
The power of Chaos makes the Warrior particularly resistant to spells. He gains +1 Magic Resistance. This may be gained multiple times.

26 Aura of Slaanesh
The Chaos Warrior is surrounded by a near-tangible aura of seduction and acquiescence, distracting their foes into lowering their guard. The Chaos Warrior is at +1 to hit in close combat. This attribute may NOT be gained multiple times.

31 Radiance of Charm
The Chaos Warrior exudes an almost palpable aura of charisma; he can get out of sticky situations with nothing more than a smile. Even his most hated foes cannot help but admire him. He regains all Luck when entering a dungeon and a settlement.

32 Razor Claws
The Chaos Warrior may sprout elegant, razor-sharp claws from his hands at will, which can slice through armour as if it were paper. In hand-to-hand combat, the Warrior may make an extra attack with his Razor Claws each turn. This is resolved just like any other attack, using the Chaos Warrior's normal to hit, Strength, etc, except it ignores armour completely. This may be gained multiple times.

33 Dissatisfaction
The Chaos Warrior is easily bored, and will sometimes become distracted. At the start of every turn, during the power phase, you should roll a dice. On a score of anything but a 1, he is fine. However, if he rolls a 1 then he becomes dissatisfied for the rest of the turn. While dissatisfied, he becomes bored of the challenges set in the dungeon thus far, and his mind will start to wander. He will fight only half-heartedly. His WS is reduced to 1, as is his Attacks. He cannot cast spells, or use a missile weapon. At the end of the turn, he returns to normal. Roll again next turn.

34 Weaponmaster
The Chaos Warrior may choose one of his weapons. The power of Chaos links the weapon to him in a psychic bond, guiding his hand when he uses the weapon in combat. When using this weapon, on top of any other benefits the weapon might confer, the Warrior will gain an additional benefit. Choose one of your weapons, and roll now to see what the permanent effect upon the weapon is:

1 The Chaos Warrior gains +1 to hit on all his dice rolls with that weapon.
2 When using this weapon, the Chaos Warrior may re-roll any single attack which misses each turn.
3 When the Chaos Warrior hits his target with this weapon, he gains an extra damage dice (+1D6 damage).
4 This weapon ignores any armour his opponent is wearing on a to hit dice roll of 5 or 6.
5 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Attack when weilding this weapon in combat.
6 On a dice roll of 5 or 6, this weapon ignores Toughness and Armour.

This may be gained multiple times.

35 Blademaster
The Chaos Warrior is a master of swordplay, awing even the Swordmasters of Ulthuan. The Chaos Warrior is at +2 WS. This may be gained multiple times.

36 Fast
The Chaos Warrior's reactions speed up immensely - he gains +1 Initiative and +1 Movement. This may be gained multiple times.

41 Grace
The Chaos Warrior's movements are graceful and delicate, and even the most dangerous monsters cannot lay a hand on him. He is now immune to pinning, in exactly the same way as the Elf. While he has this attribute, re-roll any increases to Pinning.

42 Daemonspeed
The Chaos Warrior's attacks come at blinding speed, drawing blood before the enemy can draw breath. The Chaos Warrior gains +1 Attack. This may be gained multiple times.

43 Alcoholism
The Chaos Warrior is taken with an insatiable desire for alcohol. His constitution is changed by the power of Chaos such that anything he drinks is now turned to alcohol inside his stomach. Apart from any other effect potions have on him, there is a chance that they will also render him insensible. Every time he drinks a potion (or anything else) roll a dice and apply this result.

1 The Chaos Warrior falls to the ground, insensible. He will awaken after remaining prone for a whole turn, with no recollection of what happened to him.

2 The Chaos Warrior becomes aggressive and attacks the nearest Monsters, with +1A and -1WS. If there are no Monsters around, he will attack the nearest Warrior instead. After a full turn, he reverts to normal.

3 The Chaos Warrior staggers around slightly, but otherwise seems unaffected. He is at -1M and -1WS this turn. After a full turn he is back to normal.

4+ The Chaos Warrior is unaffected.
For every day he spends in a settlement, the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice before doing anything else. If he scores a 1, then he spends the day in the Alehouse and may do nothing else all day. He must still roll on the Alehouse events table, roll for a Settlement event, pay for accommodation, etc as usual.

44 Albino*
The Chaos Warrior's flesh turn snow-white. This has no effect on the Warrior whilst unedrground, but in daylight he avoids direct sunlight if possible as his skin is very sensitive to light, and he is easily blinded.

45 Soul Hunger
The Chaos Warrior has a thirst for souls, and is capable of ripping the soul from a man's body. He wants to devour the souls of his victims, and to a lesser extent, his companions. He gains an extra Soul Theft attack each turn, rolling to hit as usual. The attack causes 1D6 Wounds with no deductions at all, and the Chaos Warrior gains the Wounds back himself. He may never gain more than his starting Wounds quota. At the end of every event which reveals Monsters, once all the monsters are dead, the Chaos Warrior must try and hold his hunger in check. Roll a dice. On a 1, the Chaos Warrior loses control, and spends the next turn devouring the soul of one of his victims.

Between adventures, the Chaos Warrior may drain the soul of his victims and bind them to him, swirling about him in purgatory, often delighted to be near the Slaaneshi Warrior, until he devours them at his whim. These are innocents he kills whilst in a settlement. He can devour a soul if the thirst overcomes him, instead of feeding on the souls of the slain monsters. Devouring these souls will also restore 1D6 wounds, as the soul becomes part of the Warrior, and in turn, Slaanesh. If the Chaos Warrior takes to slaughtering innocents, each time he does so, he rolls 2 dice. On a double 1, he is discovered, captured, and killed by flame atop a pyre as a daemon. He may try this no more than 1D6 times per settlement.

46 Allure of Slaanesh
The Chaos Warrior is so attractively captivating that no enemy will strike him. Each monster attacking the Warrior in hand-to-hand combat must roll a dice. On a score of 1 or 2, the monster is so enthralled that it will not strike the Chaos Warrior at all, and does nothing but gaze in rapt fascination instead.

51 Siren
The Chaos Warrior is inhumanly attractive, and those that gaze upon cannot help but love him. Men cheer out his name in the streets, and beautiful women sigh and swoon at the sight of him. He is flocked by admirers where ever he goes, as minstrels sing songs of his valour and beauty.

52 Soporific Musk
Monsters close to the Chaos Warrior find their minds confused, and their limbs heavy and slow. All monsters are at -1 to hit the Chaos Warrior in close combat.

53 Fuelled by Pain
To the Chaos Warrior, pleasure and pain are as one, and he relishes the wounds he recieves. Every time the Chaos Warrior is wounded by an enemy attack, he gains +1 Attack in the following Warrior's phase. So, if he is wounded 3 times by seperate attacks, he will gain +3 Attacks in the following turn.

54 Gaze of Slaanesh
The Chaos Warrior is rewarded with a gaze which is utterly and darkly captivating. All it takes is a moment's eye contact to stop an enemy in it's tracks. If a Monster rolls any 1's when rolling to hit the Warrior, any further attacks for that turn will automatically miss.

55 High Life
The Chaos Warrior is addicted to luxury, and expects it every time the Warrior's head back towards civilisation. The Chaos Warrior will refuse to stay at a village or town, and will push the Warrior's forward if they attempt to stop at one.

56 Arcane Knowledge
All manner of arcane knowledge fills the Chaos Warrior's head, secrets revealed to him that mortals should never know. In the Power Phase of each turn, if the Wizard rolls a 6, then the Chaos Warrior is affected in one way or another. Roll a D6.

1/2 Completely overwhelmed by the whirlwind of knowledge within his mind, the Chaos Warrior drops whatever weapon he is carrying and falls to his knees in a state of orgasmic rapture. While in this state, he may do nothing, and if attacked, any opponents may add +2 to their to hit rolls. The Chaos Warrior will return to normal at the start of the next turn.

3+ The Chaos Warrior gains +1D6 Initiative for the turn, and may roll one spell on the Slaanesh Spell Table which must be cast immediately. The spell is cast automatically. If it cannot be cast for any reason, then it is discarded.

61 Telepathy
The Chaos Warrior may read minds to some extent, and picks up hostile vibrations in the atmosphere. As such, he can never be suprised. When Monsters appear who would normally ambush the Warriors, he is not affected. Instead, once the Monsters are placed, he rolls a dice. On a score of 5 or 6, he gets an extra set of attacks before the Monsters strike. These attacks are resolved in addition to any others he may have that turn. All the other Warriors are ambushed as usual.

62 Eyes of Fire*
The Chaos Warrior's eyes glow with a vibrant, pink light. He can now see in the darkness without the aid of the lantern, and so may move and explore on his own if he wishes.

63 Puppet to Joy
The Chaos Warrior is a slave to his desires, and gives himself willingly to all experiences. He is at -2 Willpower, to a minimum of 1. This may be gained multiple times.

64 Radiance of Dark Glory*
The very power of Chaos itself emanates from the Chaos Warrior, and all who witness him realise his greatness. Once per adventure, the Chaos Warrior may magnify this aura, and for that turn, no Monster will dare attack him, lest the wrath of Chaos decsend upon them. Any monsters which would have otherwise attacked him will do nothing but cower for the turn, rather than attack other Warriors. This may be gained multiple times, allowing it to be used an extra time each dungeon.

65 Regeneration
The Chaos Warrior's body tenaciously clings to life, regrowing and mending the most hideous wounds. At the end of any turn in which the Chaos Warrior has been hit by one or more foes, he may attempt to heal his wounds by regenerating them. To do this, he rolls a dice. If he is currently above zero wounds, then on a dice roll of 4+ he will regain one wound per Battle Level. If he is on zero wounds (ie, about to die), then on a 5+ he will regenerate 1D6 wounds. He may gain this multiple times, adding +1 to the dice rolls required to regenerate.

66 Warp Change*
The Chaos Warrior begins to change, as he grows closer to daemonhood. He will become more inhuman in some way - his movements will seem otherwordly, his hair will sway and blow with an intent of it's own, his features will become even more flawless, his limbs and fingers will become elongated, his voice will become sweet and violating to hear, he will grow another limb, or maybe even a tail, or other such boons. Roll a dice to discover their practical benefits. Since each change is different, this may be gained multiple times.

1/2 The change is purely cosmetic.

3 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Characteristic.

4 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra attribute (note that this does not count as 2 attributes, merely a Warp Change with the effects of the other attribute).

5 The Chaos Warrior gains both an extra Characteristic, and an extra Attribute.

6 Rather than a personal change, the Chaos Warrior has been gifted with a Daemon Weapon! Roll up 2 weapons from the Slaanesh Artefact Table and combine the results to decide the effect of the new weapon! Note that some weapons might not be able to be combined, so they should be re-rolled. If a non-weapon artefact is rolled, re-roll this also. The Daemon Weapon should be named, and counts as an artefact rather than an attribute, although it still counts as 'obviously manifest', due to it's daemonic appearance.

Slaanesh Artefact Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate results. All weapons are magical, in addition to stated effects. No equipment may be lost or destroyed, other than at the Chaos Temple. Chaos Artefacts may never be swapped between Warriors, even other Chaos Warriors.

11 Bewitched Blade
This blade is black as pitch, with dark purple runes inscribed on it's surface. This sword cannot be discarded, it must be used. The only way the bearer may get rid of it is by paying 1D6x500 gold the next time he finds a Chaos Temple. Only then will the curse be lifted. The sword draws danger from many leagues, and in the Power Phase, an unexpected event will occur on a dice roll of a 1 or 2 while this blade is with the party of Warriors. This artefact may not be combined with any other.

12 Chaos Tombblade
This blade was forged in the fire of Chaos. It thirsts for blood and as it slays it radiates raw magic power. The more lives it claims the more magic it releases. Every time this sword inflicts at least a single wound on a living target (not Undead or Daemons), the Chaos Warrior gains a Power Token, which can be used at any point until the end of combat. Re-roll this result if the Chaos Warrior is not a sorceror.

13 Sceptre of Domination
The bearer can seduce the minds of his foes, manipulating them to his will. The Chaos Warrior may target one Monster, which will on a roll of 5+ immediately act according to the Chaos Warrior's will, for example attacking another enemy, or moving to a spot chosen by the Chaos Warrior. The Chaos Warrior may not make the enemy harm itself, or use any of the following special abilities - Breathe Fire, Gang Up, Hate, Hypnotise, Magic of any sort, Petrify, Regenerate, Throw, Tomb Rot, Stream of Corruption, Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss, Dragon Breath, Herd Squigs, Skaven Warpfire Thrower, Vampire Ability, or any other specialist ability at the Gamesmaster's discretion. The Sceptre of Domination's effect counts as a Spell, and can be resisted or dispelled as such. No gold is obtained from monsters killed by other monsters.

14 Lash of Torment
The lash is so painful that it's victims must struggle to overcome their agony and stand before it. The Chaos Warrior will gain an extra attack each turn while using the lash. If it hits, the enemies WS and A are halved for the rest of the turn. This weapon may be weilded at the same time as another weapon without penalty. If cannot be combined with another weapon other than whips.

15 Tormentor Sword
This blade was forged in the blood of an Empress who screamed in ecstacy as she was tortured to death. Anyone struck by this blade feels the same delicious excrutiation. Any target wounded by this blade will suffer -2A in it's following turn, and will not be able to cast spells.

16 Spell Eater Blade
This blade is plain and dull, only bursting into a blaze of light when magic is cast in it's immediate vicinity. This sword allows the weilder to igmore the effects of any spell cast against him on a dice roll of 5 or 6 (ie, it gives him +2 Magic Resistance).

21 Deathlust Blade
This weapon sings mournfully as long as it is out of it's scabbard. This weapon causes an extra dice of damage each time it hits.

22 Collar of Deflection
This collar is filled with magical intelligence, anticipating the moves of it's opponents as though it had a mind of it's own. The collar allows the wearer to ignore any attack made against him each turn on a dice roll of a 6 (ie, it gives him +1 Ignore Blow).

23 Blade of Disenchantment
This blade is ancient beyond telling, and it's edge cracked and broken. In battle it crackles with barely contained energies, smiting down the foes of it's weilder. Every time the weilder wounds a monster that carries a magic weapon, wears any magical armour or who has any other magic item, this blade destroys a single piece of it's magic equipment. The Chaos Warrior may choose which magic item is destroyed.

24 Entrancing Blade
Multi-coloured lights and patterns fly from this blade as it whirls in battle, confusing and hypnotising it's weilder's foes. This blade has a hypnotic effect on any opponents attempting to attack it's weilder - they must each roll a dice. On a score of a 6, they stand around and do nothing for that turn.

25 Daemon Steed
A Daemon Steed is born of foul magick, and the ground itself blazes or weeps at it's tread. The air around it shimmers with magical energy, and their roars and wails can send shivers down the spine of the bravest warrior. It may be a gigantic stallion of a majestic aspect, or it may be possessed of a long, sinuous body that writhes sensuously as it speeds across fields of battle. A long, whip-like tongue flicks constantly from it's mouth, and it is said that it can taste the winds of magic and seek out the souls of mortals. The Daemon Steed confers the same advantages as a Warhorse, althought it confers +2 to any hazard rolls, rather than +1, and it cannot be stolen or lost in any way.

26 Glittering Shield
This shield shines with such lustre that any opponents are hard pressed to see who they are attacking. This shield reduces the opponents chances to hit. Any monster attacking the weilder is at -1 to all to hit rolls. The shield also confers +1T, as normal.

31 Chaos Armour
Chaos Armour is the living gift of Slaanesh upon a mighty warrior. It is more solid as any earthly material, yet light and supple. This armour confers +3T, and no mobility penalties.

32 Pendant of Slaanesh
This pendant burrows deep into the flesh, and any pain inflicted on the champion feels like the touch of a lover's caress, invigorating him with sublime energy. Every time the Chaos Warrior suffers a wounding hit, he gains an extra attack, which may be used during his Warrior's phase at any point of the dungeon. These 'stockpiled' attacks can only be used once, and the Chaos Warrior may stockpile only one attack per Battle Level.

33 Despoiler Blade
This blade urges the weilder onwards, eager to ravage ever more souls. This weapon doubles the weilder's attacks every turn (note that this only doubles the weilder's base attack stat, modified for such things as Daemonspeed. It does not double any extra attacks, such as those gained by Soul Hunger, the Lash of Torment or Fuelled by Pain).

34 Lashing Blade
Forged form the twisted scales of a mighty serpent, this blade constantly flicks this way and that, ready to strike at any time. This weapon unravels at the weilder's command, allowing him to strike at an opponent up to four squares away. Note that even with this blade, you may still only deathblow monsters who are adjacent to the Chaos Warrior.

35 The Beguiling Gem
The Beguiling Gem is an intricately carved talisman. Those who gaze upon it are transfixed by it's otherworldly appearance. Any opponents attempting to attack it's weilder must each roll a dice. On a score of a 6, they stand around and do nothing for that turn. If used at the same time as the Entrancing Blade, their effects combine, so the enemy will stand and do nothing on a result of a 5+.

36 Daemonic Robes
The Chaos Warrior is attired in magical robes covered in the runes of Slaanesh. They flow elegantly, and move as if stirred by the winds of magic. They may be worn in addition to armour, and confer +1 Ignore Pain (see Bestiary in Roleplay Book).

41 Parrying Blade
A shimmering haze surrounds this weapon, and the weilder is protected by glowing bands of power. This weapon reduces the Attacks of any one opponent of the Chaos Warrior's choice by 1 per turn.

42 Armour of Damnation
This highly ornate suit of Chaos armour shimmers with unnatural energies that distort the position of the wearer so that the enemy's blows miss their mark. This suit of armour confers +1T. In addition, the enemy must re-roll any successful rolls to hit.

43 Shroud of Lover's Caress
This shroud writhes against the wearer, caressing his body as a lover might, and soothing his wounds. This may be worn in addition to armour, and the wearer will regain 2 wounds per turn. It will cease to work if the wearer drops to zero wounds, but will resume it's effect if he is healed.

44 Blood Drinker
This blade was forged by evil sorcerors and quenched in the blood of vampires. It retains a vampiric ability to sap the strength of it's victims by draining their sustenance. Once per turn, when the Chaos Warrior has rolled to hit,he may use this blade to steal the Wounds he causes with that blow, gaining them himself. The Chaos Warrior's Wounds may not be raised above his Starting total.

45 Crown of Speed
This crown flashes with energy, and it's wearer draws great power from it. The crown increases the Warrior's Movement by +2, and adds +1 to all dice rolls to escape from pinning. This crown may be worn in addition to a helmet.

46 Armour of Fortitude
This armour is a rich purple in colour, and seems to absorb light as it's wearer strides through the dungeon. This armour confers +1T, and +1 Magic Resistance.

51 Shield of Excrutiations
This shield, which bears the symbol of Slaanesh, is small and light, and bears a bladed edge for use in punching and slicing. It confers +1T as normal, and also +1A, which is worked out using the weilder's normal to hit, Strength and Damage Dice.

52 Siren Flute
This accursed musical instrument has the power to enthrall mortals with it's eerie sound. While it plays, those who hear it stand transfixed, unable to resist the disturbing beauty of it's song, which violates men to their very soul. Once per adventure, the Chaos Warrior may play the flute, and may immediately take another Warrior's phase.

53 Crown of the Impure
This crown was once worn by a mighty warrior King, himself a servant of Slaanesh. Although he is long dead, a measure of his power remains in the crown. The crown confers +1WS and +1A, and may be worn in addition to a helmet.

54 Blade of the Ether
This hell-forged weapon exists partly in other dimensions. Any blows struck by this weapon will ignore Toughness and Armour.

55 Glaive of Delusions
This elegant weapon was made during the time of the Elves, by a great elven artisan, who dedicated it to Slaanesh. It is perfectly balanced, and it's form seems to blur as it is swung, as if even the light cannot pierce it's defences. It confers +2 Strength, and must be weilded in two hands, so may not be used in addition to a whip or a shield. Also, the weilder is at -1 to be hit by attacks, and can fight in 2 ranks, as a halberd.

56 Soul Blade
This chill white blade sighs as it pierces the flesh of the Chaos Warrior's foes, and the victim shrieks as his life essence is drained away. Each time the Chaos Warrior kills an opponent worth the amount of gold indicated in the table below with this blade, he rolls a dice. On a score of a 6 he sucks the life essence from the monster, and may add +1 to one characteristic of his choice permanently, excluding Damage Dice. If he chooses Wounds, he gains 1D6 Wounds, rather than 1.

Initiate 150+
Aspiring 600+
Mighty 2,000+
Exalted 4,000+

61 Whip of Pleasure
This long whip writhes with its own power, it's crack sounding out like a peal of thunder. The Whip of Pleasure lashes ahead of the weilder to strike the enemy, rending flesh from bone. The Chaos Warrior gains an extra attack each turn. If it hits, the enemy struck will not be able to act next turn. The only weapon this may be combined with is the Lash of Torment.

62 Armour of Shrieking Souls
The surface of this armour constantly shifts, mirroring the tortured faces of those whose souls are eternally trapped inside the armour. These souls shriek and wail, the noise cowing enemies into submission. This armour confers +1T. In addition, any Monster's who wish to strike the Chaos Warrior must roll one dice. If it comes up as a 1 or 2, then they are so terrified that they will not attack at all that turn. If the wearer also has the Allure of Slaanesh, the effects combine, meaning the enemy will do nothing on a 1, 2 or a 3.

63 Chaos Runeblade
This magnificent blade is encrusted with writhing Chaos runes and radiates dark, malevolent power. It's touch is deadly and it's bite will penetrate ordinary armour with ease. This blade may be weilded single-handed, for +3S, or double-handed for +4S. Either way, it ignores all non-magical armour.

64 Charm of Slaanesh
This perfect diamond contains a strand of shimmering golden hair, said to be from Slaanesh itself, or one of it's favoured daemon princes. The Chaos Warrior gains +1 Luck.

65 Wine of Bliss
The Wine of Bliss is not actually a wine, but a bejewelled flask made from flesh taken from the thighs of a violated maiden. By Slaanesh's favour, any alcoholic drink (beer, rum, Ahab's Whalebuster, Bretonnian fine wine, etc) stored in this flask will never run out. Only one type of beverage may be stored at any time, but may be exchanged for another at the Chaos Warrior's whim. Note that he still has to obtain the drink before he can store it!

66 Chalice of Rapture
This crystal chalice is filled with a rich, golden liquid. It never empties, and never spills a drop. At the start of the adventure, the Chaos Warrior may drink from the chalice. Roll a D6. The number he rolls is the number of attacks which will automatically hit in the adventure. He may choose which attacks will automatically hit, saving them until the time is right. At the end of the adventure, any attacks left over are lost, and the Chaos Warrior must roll again at the start of the next dungeon.

Slaanesh Spell Table (2D6)
Re-roll duplicate spells, except for Arcane Knowledge, in which case it is quite possible to cast the same spell twice per turn.

2 Cursed Caress
The Chaos Warrior may cast this spell against a single enemy model adjacent to him. The victim is overcome with waves of excited ecstacy and quickly reaches such a state of overwrought passion that his heart explodes. The Chaos Warrior rolls 2D6 per Casting Level. If the result is greater than the target's current wounds, then it is slain. If it is equal to it's current wounds, then it may not act at all in the next turn. If it is lower than it's current wounds, then the spell fails and has no effect.

3 Lash of Slaanesh
A quivering lash uncoils from the Chaos Warrior's outstretched hand and strikes his foes with a mighty crack. The Chaos Warrior may target any one Monster on the same board section, which is hit automatically, suffering 2D6 Wounds per Casting Level, modified as normal for Toughness, Armour, etc. The Lash cannot be dodged.

4 Pavane of Slaanesh
The Chaos Warrior may unleash the Pavane of Slaanesh against a single Monster on the same board section, which he must roll to hit against using his normal BS. If it hits, then the enemy begins to dance and cavort with uncontrollable joy, whirling and gyrating insanely. In it's following Monster's Phase, it may only move up to 1 square, and may not cast spells or fire missile weapons. It may attack as normal in hand-to-hand combat, albeit at -1 to hit. The effects last for 1 turn.

5 Cacophonic Choir
The Cacophonic Choir affects all Monster's on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior. Victims are subjected to a hellish sound of such intense wailing discord that it overloads their senses, burns out their minds and shatters their bones. All monster's affected suffers 1 wound per Battle Level of the caster, with no deductions at all.

6 Slicing Shards of Slaanesh
The Chaos Warrior gestures with his hand and myriad shards of dazzling magic arc their way towards their target. This spell is cast on 1 Warrior, who will gain +1A per Casting Level of the Chaos Warrior, as the multi-coloured blades slash around him at the enemy.

7 Succour of Chaos
The Succour of Chaos affects all Warriors on the same board section as (and including) the Chaos Warrior. Those affected are invigorated by the power of Chaos, and regain 1 Wound per Battle Level of the Chaos Warrior.

8 She Who Thirsts
The Chaos Warrior may draw the very life essence of his opponents into his blade, and use that power to heal himself and his companions. This spell is cast on the Chaos Warrior himself, before making any attacks. Once cast, record all wounds the Chaos Warrior inflicts with melee attacks this turn. At the end of the Warrior's phase, he may distribute these wounds between himself and the other Warriors to heal them as he see's fit.

9 Acquiescence
The Chaos Warrior reaches out his hand and touches his victim, casting the dread power of Acquiescence upon him! He must choose one Monster adjacent to him, and roll to hit as normal for a hand-to-hand attack. If he hits, all the Monster's characteristics are halved, except for Wounds and Damage Dice. This lasts for 1 turn.

10 Bondage of Slaanesh
This spell affects all Monsters on the same board section as the Chaos warrior. They are enveloped by glowing threads of magic which holds it in place, unable to move. The targets may not move, but may otherwise act as normal. If the enemy is forced to break (such as Ghouls), then they are immediately slain.

11 Beam of Slaanesh
A dazzling beam of rainbow light shoots from the Chaos Warrior's fingertips and strikes any target on the same board section, rolling to hit as for a missile attack. If it hits, the target is overwhelmed by a state of half-conscious rapture which renders it's victims dazed and ineffective. The target's characteristics are halved, except for Wounds and Damage Dice. This lasts for 1 turn.

12 Fleshy Curse
This spell is directed at a single Monster adjacent to the Chaos Warrior. It suffers 1D6 Wounds per Battle Level of the caster, with no deductions for Toughness or Armour, as his body is assaulted by mutating and swelling until he is a mass of blubber, bestial limbs and gaping mouths.

Battle Level Table
Any characteristics which do not appear on the table are random, dictated solely by the Path of Chaos Table, and are not automatically increased by level.

 Battle Level
Damage dice
Casting level
Path of Chaos












Roleplay Guidelines
The Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh will be similar to a regular, non-specific Chaos Warrior in some respects. He will be enigmatic and aloof, but a great fighter. However, in many ways, he will be quite different to other Chaos warriors. He is not likely to be quite as serious, or overtly religious. Although he is as devout as any Sigmarite Priest, perhaps even more so, he does not show his devotion in the same way. Prayer has it's place, but Slaanesh will be even more pleased by the enjoyment of life and the fulfillment of fantasy.

The Slaaneshi Warrior will be out to take life for all that he can, and so will never be hesitant about anything. This does not mean that he does not think about his actions, simply that he is likely to have anticipated things well in advance, so that thought will not spoil his enjoyment later. He will know a great deal about magic and the arcane arts, or other, supposedly 'taboo' subjects, but will not appreciate long times spent studying anything, be it an ancient scroll or an empty corridor. These tasks are best left to more mundane Warriors, and the Slaaneshi Warrior will doubtless have something else to occupy himself with. He will excel at persuasion and other such charisma based actions, and if he is from nobility, he will likely know proper etiquette and customs. Like the Elves, the Slaanesh Warrior will be adept at actions involving agility and dexterity, and with the right gifts, may exceed them. In combat, he will favour speed and skill over brute strength, and will enjoy toying with his victims. If he becomes a Sorceror, he may be able to utilize magical devices similar to the Wizard, although he will not be as adept at this, as he lacks any practical knowledge of how to do magic, he simply can.

Above all else, the Slaaneshi Warrior will be pushing the party forward in his impatience, and will eagerly relish all experiences, no matter how bizarre!