Chaos Warrior of Nurgle by Lou Ovens

Despite the innumerable deceits in the world, despite all the political backstabbing, despite all the lies told to humanity through it's very religions, there is but one great constant. One great truth. That great force, to which all others must eventually acknowledge as superior - death.

Death comes to all things, be it an insect, which lives for a day, or a mountain which stands for a millennia. Death joins all races and classes, be they peasant or king, man or elf. Eventually, all things belong to death. This is as it must be, for without death, there would be no new life, and the world would stagnate and die. But this too is inevitable, as even the world itself must die, and so too must death. Until then, there must be balance; the old must pass on, and in death, nourish the young. This is the garden of Father Nurgle, the aspect of death himself. But like any garden, there must be those who tend it. This role falls to the chosen of Nurgle, those individuals who truly understand and appreciate Nurgle's divine work. These Warriors of Nurgle wander the land, Nurgle's Garden, and tend to what grows there. They harvest those who unnecessarily hang on to life past their time, as if plucking weeds. They encourage Nurgle's wish, which spreads across the land as the diseases and plagues which haunt mankind. People flee in terror as they approach, for they misunderstand the glory of death. But Nurgle's chosen are not disheartened - they rejoice in such a Holy task, for they know the true magnificence of old Father Nurgle.

However, their task is great, and will not easily be accomplished. Many choose to travel with brave aventurers, those who bring glorious death to the dark corners of the world. Here there are creatures which are old beyond measure, which hide themselves away from Nurgle, hoping He will not find them. But it is not so, for Nurgle's Warriors will root them out, and bring them into His fold! In this way the garden may be tended, and will bring forth such beautiful blooms.

Starting as a Chaos Warrior

The profile of the Chaos Warrior is as follows:

Wounds 3D6
Move 4
Weapon Skill 4
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 3
Toughness 4 (5)
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 5+
Willpower 3


Starting Equipment:
Sword/Axe (Str + D6 damage)
Armour (+1 Toughness)

Mark of Nurgle
The Mark of Nurgle represents
the magical emblem which the Chaos
Warrior has emblazoned on his flesh,
the sign of his patron. The Mark of
Nurgle gives +1 Luck, which allows
him to re-roll any single dice roll, once
per adventure.

Gifts of Chaos
In addition to equipment, the Chaos Warrior also starts the game with a number of other special abilities and items. Due to the unpredictable nature of Chaos, the nature and number of these 'gifts' is not fixed. Note that the Nurgle Warrior always starts with Daemonic Resilience, in addition to whatever gifts are rolled on this table. The +1 toughness has already been included in his profile above. Before you start the game, roll a dice and consult the table below:

1-3 The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 2 Chaos Attributes and 1 Chaos Artefact.
4-6 The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 1 Chaos Attribute and 2 Chaos Artefacts.

Roll on the two tables below to find out what Artefacts/Attributes your Chaos Warrior has. The number in brackets is that attribute/artefacts position on the main tables, which should be checked to find their effects.

Chaos Attributes (1D6)
1 Mindless (33)
2 Infected Bite (12)
3 Ignore Wounds (16)
4 Daemonic Essence (56)
5 Daemonic Resilience (36)
6 Nurgle's Rot (41)

Chaos Artefacts (1D6)
1 Skull Amulet of Impunity (33)
2 Ring of Desolation (14)
3 Plaguesword (34)
4 Chalice of Buboes (66)
5 Death's Head (61)
6 Staff of Nurgle (35)

Chaos Warriors and Equipment/Treasure
The Chaos Warrior may use any equipment available to the Barbarian, with the following exceptions: he may use a brace of pistols, he may not use a short bow, but may use a crossbow, pistol crossbow or quarrels.
He may not use any treasure, other than potions and any non-magical treasure, such as gold and firebombs.

Blessings of Father Nurgle
The chosen Warriors of Nurgle are often blighted with particularly virulent diseases, which toughen his body and inure it to pain. Although these afflictions cause them great discomfort, they bear them proudly, seeing them as blessings from their God, and draw great comfort from their presence. These afflictions are never fatal to the Chaos Warrior, as no disease will ever claim Nurgle's chosen unless he wishes it. Nurgle Chaos Warriors always start with Daemonic Resilience (the +1T is already included in his profile above), and he may never lose it. In addition, the Chaos Warrior suffers no ill effects from being reduced to zero wounds by attacks which cause Poison, Paralysis or Fatal Damage. Likewise, he is immune to all such traps or encounters.

 Visiting Settlements
The Chaos Warrior is a somewhat enigmatic, unusual character, and as such may cause suspicion and distrust when he visits a settlement. Sometimes the militia of a settlement will even throw the Chaos Warrior out ot town. Of course, if he has any obvious signs of Chaos, the likelihood of this happening increases tremendously.

Whenever the Warriors arrive in a settlement, the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice for every Chaos Attribute he possesses that is obviously manifest. These attributes are marked with a star (*) in the following tables. If any of these dice comes up as a 1, then he is refused admission to the settlement.

Due to the Nurgle Warrior's deathly appearance, no lodgings will admit him to stay. He will instead make residence in any uninhabited building, and feed from the disease-ridden rats and dogs of the slums, as Father Nurgle has graciously supplied. He pays no living expenses, other than for any animals he owns.

The Chaos Warrior may visit the following locations:
The Alehouse (if using the expanded Alehouse rules from CJ28, he can visit a maximum sophistication level of 3), the Alchemist, the Gambling Den, any trader, the Fighting School (although not the armoury)and the Chaos Temple.

The Chaos Temple
In many towns there are those who have rejected the accepted gods, the established religions, and have turned to other, darker forms of worship. These Chaos cults are steeped in secrecy, as to be revealed as a follower of Chaos is to be shunned, reviled and often executed. However, the attraction of Chaos is power and immortatlity, and there are usually the insane few who are willing to take whatever risks are necessary to gain the patronage of the Chaos gods.
Whenever he visits a settlement, the Chaos Warrior may attempt to find a Chaos Temple, to pray to Nurgle, and to make offerings and sacrifices to the altar that lies within. The Chaos Warrior must find the temple, just like any other special location in a town or city.
He must spend 2D6x10 gold as offerings at the Chaos Temple, hoping to recieve the attention of his dark patron.
After paying the required gold, roll a D6 and consult the table below:

1 The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 2 Chaos Attributes - see the table below:

2 The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed!
The Chaos Warrior gains 1 Chaos Attribute - see the table below.

3 Father Nurgle is not listening, there are greater things afoot in the world to claim his attention.
The Chaos Warrior's pleas go unanswered.

4 The Chaos Warrior stands before the altar to Nurgle, imploring that he listen to his cries. In the past, they punished him by granting him a warping, crippling attribute. Despite this cruel trick, the Chaos Warrior has served his master well, and is sure that now is the time for the balance to be redressed.
The player must select any single attribute, crossing it off his profile. As that attribute vanishes, the Chaos Warrior gains another! Roll another attribute randomly, and take that instead.

5 As he touches the altar and dedicates his victims to his master, the Chaos Warrior feels renewed strength and vigour coursing throughout his body. The Chaos Warrior gains 1 extra Wound, permanently.

6 The temple reels and swirls as solid objects begin to mutate and change. Nothing is as it should be, and darkness claims all. The power of Chaos is at hand, and the Chaos Warrior kneels before it's mighty presence. The Chaos Warrior may, if he chooses, try to merge two Chaos Artefacts together, so that their powers are joined into one single, powerful artefact. If you wish to do this, select two artefacts. They must be similar artefacts, such as hand-to-hand weapons, or shields.
The Chaos Warrior places both artefacts on the altar, and waits with eager anticipation. Roll a dice and consult the following table to see what happens next:

1 One of the artefacts vanishes, sucked back into the warp, and the other remains unchanged. Randomly select which artefact vanishes. The Chaos Warrior no longer has this artefact.

2/3 Nothing happens, the Lord of Decay has no interest in the petty wishes of their servant.

4 The altar is briefly obscured by cloying smoke, drifting around the temple and fogging the senses. When the smoke clears, the two original artefacts are still there, unchanged, but another sits alongside them. The Chaos Warrior retains the two original artefacts, and also gains another. Roll on the Chaos Artefact Table to see what this new artefact is.

5/6 Time slows, the temple darkens, the fabric of reality groans and shifts. When the moment passes, there is but one artefact left on the altar, a mutated union of the two placed there by the Chaos Warrior. The two items are now merged. Cross them off your profile, and write in the combined abilities of the new item. It is a good idea to name the artefact, as it will no doubt become one of the Chaos Warrior's most trusted and treasured items. Note that if items which boost stats are combined, the stat increases do not combine, it simply retains the highest bonus of the two. Furthermore, items which double characteristics will still only double when combined, rather than quadruple. Within these limitations, you can continue to merge items as the Chaos Warrior visits the temple again and again.

Chaos Warriors and Events
The Chaos Warrior may behave towards certain events differently to other Warriors. Those events not listed below will be approached as normal. Note that a few events lead to the Nurgle Warrior gaining an extra Luck token for the next adventure. These represent his Faith in Nurgle, and he may only gain a number of these tokens equal to his Battle Level. So a Level 2 Chaos Warrior may stockpile up to 2 between each adventure, while a level 10 Chaos Warrior could stocklile up to 10!

Settlement Events
12 Pickpocket
The Chaos Warrior's stolen money pouch inadvertantly starts an epidemic, which is cause for worry to many of the populace. From now until the end of the Warrior's stay, roll a dice every time they visit any location. On a 1 or 2, it has closed it's doors to keep out the plague-ridden.

24 Circus
The Nurgle Warrior develops a strange fondness for the 'freaks' on display. Obviously Nurgle holds them in high esteem! If the Nurgle Warrior has any 'obviosly manifest' attributes, then he may earn 1D6x10 gold per such attribute, proudly being exhibited alongside such worthies!

26 Betrothed
Fortunately, the wedding has to be cancelled, as the entire farmstead dies of some foreign disease in the night.......Gain +1 Luck counter for the next adventure, as your faith in Nurgle is bolstered!

44 Illness, as well as Hazard roll 'Plague', and Catastrophic Events 'Plague' and 'Disease'
What glorious favour is this? Nurgle has seen fit to bless you such. While you stay in for the next 2 days, you are not obliged to pay for blasphemous medication, and you gain +1 Luck for the next adventure due to your obviously favoured staus!

54 Beggars
Whether by giving money to beggars, or through begging himself, a plague is started which decimates the homeless community. From now until the end of the Warrior's stay, roll a dice every time they visit any location. On a 1 or 2, it has closed it's doors to keep out the plague-ridden.

Uneventful Days
Whenever the Chaos Warrior rolls an uneventful day, roll once on the following table.

1 Unwanted Attention
The Chaos Warrior's actions have drawn some unwanted attention......roll 1D6:

1 Maybe the local clergy were worried about a possible epidemic, maybe the building was simply due for destruction. Either way, your lodgings are set on fire, while you are inside! Having no escape, you thank Nurgle for one last, glorious gift - death. The Chaos Warrior is out of the game. Use a Luck counter now!

2 Mistaking you for a leper (if only), the local yobs and lynch mob assault you. You are chased out of town, pelted by rocks and rotten fruit.

3 As you sleep peacefully, you are discovered by a local gravedigger. Not unreasonably, he mistakes you for dead, and kindly inters you into the ground. Spend the next 1D6 days digging your way out of your own grave...

4+ As you go about your business, a concerned (and short-sighted) old woman mistakes you for an accident victim, and attempts to take you to the local hospital. As you have Nurgle's divine will to attend to, you must pay her D6x20 gold to convince her to leave you alone.

2/3 Uneventful Day
It really is an uneventful day!

4+ Preaching
The Nurgle Warrior spends the rest of the day preaching to the masses the words of Father Nurgle, or Morr, as he is known in the lands of men. Roll a D6:

1 You are denounced by a local priest, who quickly rallies the crowd to his side. Things get ugly very quickly, and you are chased away to the jeers of the locals. Distraught by your failure to bring Nurgle's light to the masses, you lose 1 Luck token for the next adventure. You may not use a Luck token to re-roll this result!

2 You spend the day at the graveyard, meditating over the wonder of Nurgle's plan. Feeling uplifted to be part of such beauty, you gain +1 Luck for the next adventure.

3 While visiting the slums, you happen upon a family dying of a horrific disease. By Nurgle's divine will, you manage to contract this wondorous creation, and your body is wracked with numbing pain! Gain +1T for the next adventure.

4 You visit the local hospital, and spend the day enlightening those afflicted as to how blessed they are. Before you are thrown out of the hospital for upsetting the patients, you manage to aquire 1D6 used bandages, which will never perish (any more), and will restore 6 wounds, even if on zero wounds. They may only be used by the Nurgle Warrior.

5 Nurgle be praised! The local slum dwellers have came to you for salvation, and proclaimed you their messiah! In exchange for Nurgle's glorious teachings, they present you with 1D6x100 gold!

6 While witnessing a man dying horribly of convulsions in the middle of the street you watch as passers-by take no notice. You reflect that humanity must accept death after all, if only in their hearts. For this glorious revelation, Nurgle itself appears before you! Roll a D6:

1 Gain +1 to any stat of your choice for the duration of the next adventure.
2 Gain a free roll on the Characteristic Table.
3 Lose any 1 unwanted Attribute or Artefact.
4 Gain a free roll on the Attribute Table.
5 Gain a free roll on the Artefact Table.
6 Gain a free roll on the Path of Chaos Table.

Battle Levels
In order to progress through the Battle Levels, the Chaos Warrior collects gold for the Monsters he kills, just like any other warrior. His training is carried out at the Chaos Temple. However, his Battle level Table has certain important differences, which require some explanation. The path through the Battle levels for a Chaos Warrior is fickle and unpredictable. The Chaos Warrior does not aquire skills like the other Warriors. Instead, when he trains to go up a level, he gains characteristic increases, as well as Chaos Attributes and Chaos Artefacts. In the Chaos Temple, the Chaos Warrior does not train as such. Instead, he makes offerings to Nurgle, hoping for some kind of blessing or gift. He does this by giving up the gold prescribed on his Battle level Table. Once he has paid his gold, the Chaos Warrior makes a number of rolls on the Path of Chaos Table. His Battle Level Table will show how many rolls he can make. Once he has found what benefits he has obtained, he has finished his 'training', taking only a single day.

Normally, magic is an incredibly difficult art to master, requiring long years of study and practice. Not so for the followers of Chaos. Occasionally, Chaos Warriors who are not otherwise sorcerors are capable of magical feats, abilities granted to them by their dark gods. From the time the Chaos Warrior is training to become Battle Level 2 onwards, there is a chance of him learning sorcery. Anytime the Chaos Warrior would gain an attribute, roll a D6. On a 1-5, he gains the attribute as normal. On a 6, however, he learns a spell instead. He casts spells in the same way as the Elf Ranger and the Warrior Priest. To clarify, he rolls 1D6, adds the power phase for the turn, and succeeds on the roll of a 7 or more, although a roll of a 1 still fails, regardless of the total. If the Chaos Warrior has access to any Power Tokens (from the Chaos Tombblade, for example), then he may expend them to add +1 to any casting roll for each token. He may attempt to cast one spell per casting level each turn, and they may be resisted and dispelled as normal. He also gains 5 gold per wound healed on another Warrior with his spells, the same as the Wizard. Any spells gained are rolled for on the Nurgle Spell Table, rather than using the Wizard's spell cards. Note that if the Chaos Warrior somehow manages to cast a spell at Battle Level 1, where his Casting Level is 0 (for instance, using the attribute Arcane Knowledge), he counts as having a Casting Level of 1 for the purposes of the spell's effects.

Joining the Ranks of the Damned
Sometimes a Chaos Warrior will be so affected by the warping powers within him, that he become completely daemonic, the ultimate goal and greatest failure of all those who tread the path of Chaos. If the resulting mutations are largely beneficial, then he will be hailed as a Daemon Prince, favoured Champions of the gods, and exalted amongst all beings. If the mutations are largely crippling, however, he will be despised and pitied as a Chaos Spawn, lowest form of all existence, and cannon fodder in the armies of the North.

When a Chaos Warrior has more than 2 attributes (not including spells, duplicate attributes or daemon weapons) per Battle Level after he has trained to go up a Battle Level, then there is a chance of Daemonhood. You must roll 1D6 for every Attribute over the limit (for instance, having 14 attributes at level 5 would need to roll 4 dice). If any of these dice score a 1, then the Chaos Warrior has succumbed to Chaos wholly, and is out of the game. He will now either lead the armies of Chaos as a Daemon Prince, or be reduced to mere Chaos Spawn in the vanguard of such an army. You may use Luck Counters to re-roll some of these dice, hopefully alleviating the change.

Path of Chaos (1D6)
1 Gain 3 Chaos Attributes.
2 Gain 1 Chaos Attribute.
3 Gain 1 Characteristic Increase.
4 Gain 2 Characteristic increases.
5 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact.
6 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact and 1 Characteristic increase.

Characteristic Increases Table (2D6)
Note that whether through characteristic increases or stat-boosting attributes, no characteristic may rise above 10, or fall below 1, with the exception of Wounds. Pinning and Ballistic Skill may not get any better than 2+. Re-roll any results that would go against these limitations.

2 Gain +1 Movement
3 Gain +1 Luck
4 Gain +1 Attacks
5 Gain +1 Ballistic Skill
6 Gain +1 Toughness
7 Gain +1 Weapon Skill
8 Gain +1D6 Wounds
9 Gain +1 Initiative
10 Gain +1 to Pinning Rolls
11 Gain +1 Strength
12 Gain +1 Willpower

Nurgle Attributes Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate attributes, unless stated otherwise.

11 Death's Aspect*
The Chaos Warrior's appearance becomes death-like and pallid. His skin wrinkles and dries out, and his eyeballs scrape agonisingly in their sockets. He resembles a rotting corpse, the flower of Nurgle's Garden.

12 Infected Bite
The Chaos Warrior may bite his opponent, spreading infection with his poisoned saliva. He gains an extra bite attack each turn, rolling to hit as normal, at -1 to hit. If it hits, it causes 2 wounds with no deductions at all. This may be gained multiple times, for multiple bite attacks each turn.

13 Mark of Nurgle *
The Warrior is marked by Nurgle, and is so favoured. He gains +1 Luck. Additionally, on a D6 roll of 1, the Mark is obviously manifest, marked by an *. This may be gained multiple times.

14 Radiance of Filth*
The Chaos Warrior bears some measure of Nurgle's glorious visage, and opponents cower in awe. Once per adventure, the Chaos Warrior may magnify this aura, and for that turn, no Monster will dare attack him, lest the wrath of Nurgle descend upon them. Any monsters which would have otherwise attacked him will do nothing but cower for the turn, rather than attack other Warriors. This may be gained multiple times, allowing it to be used an extra time each dungeon.

15 Ignore Pain
Pain and discomfort are the blessings of Father Nurgle. The Chaos Warrior gains Ignore Pain 1, as detailed in the Bestiary section. This may be gained multiple times.

16 Ignore Wounds
The Chaos Warrior can shrug off blows that would fell any ordinary man. He may ignore any attack on a D6 roll of a 6. This may be gained multiple times, each time adding 1 to the dice roll.

21 Withering Gaze
The Chaos Warrior's gaze can destroy anything it looks at. This can be used once per turn as a missile attack, rolling to hit as normal. It is Strength 6, and damage is otherwise worked out as normal. This may be gained multiple times, for multiple attacks per turn.

22 Weeping Sores*
No matter how expertly the Chaos Warrior's wounds are treated, they refuse to heal. Thick white pus seeps from beneath bandages, and closed wounds re-open lazily. Bandages (other than the plague-ridden bandages acquired from events) will not work on the Chaos Warrior, nor will any healing skills, such as the Elf Ranger's 'The Healer'.

23 Hideous Appearance*
Nurgle has rewarded the Chaos Warrior's long and loyal service with an appearance so hideous that all who look upon him are struck with fear. Any Monsters that attempt to attack the Chaos Warrior must roll 1D6. On a 1, they may not attack, and will do nothing else but cower for the rest of the turn.

24 Psychotic Warrior
The Chaos Warrior has gone one step too far towards the madness which engulfs his kind. Cackling and giggling to himself at his own macabre jokes, he finds the death and carnage of the dungeon most amusing. He is now at +1 to all psychology-based tests such as fear and terror. This may be gained multiple times.

25 Magic Resistance
The power of Chaos makes the Warrior particularly resistant to spells. He gains +1 Magic Resistance. This may be gained multiple times.

26 Foul Odour*
The Chaos Warrior emits a nauseating gaseous odour, surrounding him with a dense putrid cloud. All models adjacent to the Chaos Warrior (including Warriors) will be at -1 WS.

31 Powerful Legs
The Chaos Warrior' legs grow strong and sturdy, the better to support his corroded girth. He gains +1 Movement, and suffers no penalty to his movement from wearing armour. This may be gained multiple times.

32 Cloud of Flies*
The Chaos Warrior is surrounded by a buzzing swarm of flies that gets in eyes and blocks noses, crawling under armour and clothing, distracting the enemy. All enemies attempting to attack the Chaos Warrior in hand-to-hand combat will be at -1 to hit.

33 Mindless
At the start of every turn, during the power phase, you should roll a dice. On a score of anything but a 1, he is fine. However, if he rolls a 1 then he becomes mindless for the rest of the turn. While mindless, his intelligence will be zero. His WS is reduced to 1, as is his Attacks. He cannot cast spells, or use a missile weapon. At the end of the turn, he returns to normal. Roll again next turn.

34 Weaponmaster
The Chaos Warrior may choose one of his weapons. The power of Chaos links the weapon to him in a psychic bond, guiding his hand when he uses the weapon in combat. When using this weapon, on top of any other benefits the weapon might confer, the Warrior will gain an additional benefit. Choose one of your weapons, and roll now to see what the permanent effect upon the weapon is:

1 The Chaos Warrior gains +1 to hit on all his dice rolls with that weapon.
2 When using this weapon, the Chaos Warrior may re-roll any single attack which misses each turn.
3 When the Chaos Warrior hits his target with this weapon, he gains an extra damage dice (+1D6 damage).
4 This weapon ignores any armour his opponent is wearing on a to hit dice roll of 5 or 6.
5 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Attack when wielding this weapon in combat.
6 On a dice roll of 5 or 6, this weapon ignores Toughness and Armour.

This may be gained multiple times.

35 Strong
The Chaos Warrior is powerful beyond mortal reckoning. He gains +1 Strength. This may be gained multiple times.

36 Daemonic Resilience
The Chaos Warrior's body is rotted and foul, it's sense of feeling destroyed long ago. The Chaos Warrior gains +1 Toughness. This may be gained multiple times.

41 Nurgle's Rot*
The Chaos Warrior is stricken with the horrifying Nurgle's Rot, the most dreaded of all contagions because it gnaws at its victim's soul as well as his mortal body. All those who touch the Chaos Warrior may catch it. Any Monster that rolls a 1 to hit when attacking the Chaos Warrior in hand-to-hand combat will take a number of wounds equal to the Chaos Warrior's Battle Level, without deductions of any sort.

42 Magic Effusion
The Chaos Warrior emits a cloud of corrupt and spoiling magic, a miasma of power that is invisible except to another wizard. No wizard of a lower Casting Level who stands adjacent to the Chaos Warrior may cast spells. The Casting level of a wizard is the number of spells they may cast per turn. In the case of the wizard, reduce the Wizard's power for each turn by the Chaos warrior's Battle Level. Re-roll this attribute if the Chaos Warrior is not a sorceror.

43 Faith in the Father
The Chaos Warrior has great faith in his purpose, and will stop at nothing to see Father Nurgle's will done. He gains +2 Willpower. This may be gained multiple times.

44 Bane of Life
The Chaos Warrior represents death itself, and none who linger near him can evade it's dread grasp. Any animals the Chaos Warrior owns will immediately die, and he may not come by new ones. Note that this means he will have to pay to bury his pet dog if he has one, although any further dogs do not require burial. He may not ride in a cart. Daemon Steeds are not affected in this way.

45 One with Death
The Chaos Warrior's very soul is as death, and no magical force can alter this. No healing spells, or other magical healing means (such as the Flames of Khazala) will work on the Chaos Warrior. Potions and regenerative attributes will still work as normal.

46 In Father's Name
The Chaos Warrior may bless his weapon in the name of Nurgle, calling upon his patron to bring death to his foes. Each turn the Chaos Warrior may give up attacks to gain +1 Damage Dice per attack given up, for a single strike.

51 Alcoholism
The Chaos Warrior is taken with an insatiable desire for alcohol. His constitution is changed by the power of Chaos such that anything he drinks is now turned to alcohol inside his stomach. Apart from any other effect potions have on him, there is a chance that they will also render him insensible. Every time he drinks a potion (or anything else) roll a dice and apply this result.

1 The Chaos Warrior falls to the ground, insensible. He will awaken after remaining prone for a whole turn, with no recollection of what happened to him.

2 The Chaos Warrior becomes aggressive and attacks the nearest Monsters, with +1A and -1WS. If there are no Monsters around, he will attack the nearest Warrior instead. After a full turn, he reverts to normal.

3 The Chaos Warrior staggers around slightly, but otherwise seems unaffected. He is at -1M and -1WS this turn. After a full turn he is back to normal.

4+ The Chaos Warrior is unaffected.

For every day he spends in a settlement, the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice before doing anything else. If he scores a 1, then he spends the day in the Alehouse and may do nothing else all day. He must still roll on the Alehouse events table, roll for a Settlement event, pay for accommodation, etc as usual.

52 Glorious Reward of Nurgle
As the Chaos Warrior brings death to his foes, Nurgle is pleased with him and grants him renewed vitality so that he might continue his divine work. For every Monster the Chaos Warrior kills in one-hit (ie, enough to deathblow), he regains a number of wounds equal to his Battle Level.

53 Arcane Knowledge
All manner of arcane knowledge fills the Chaos Warrior's head, secrets revealed to him that mortals should never know. In the Power Phase of each turn, if the Wizard rolls a 6, then the Chaos Warrior is affected in one way or another. Roll a D6:

1/2 Completely overwhelmed by the whirlwind of knowledge within his mind, the Chaos Warrior drops whatever weapon he is carrying and falls to his knees with his head in his hands. While in this state, he may do nothing, and if attacked, any opponents may add +2 to their to hit rolls. The Chaos Warrior will return to normal at the start of the next turn.

3+ The Chaos Warrior gains +1D6 Initiative for the turn, and may roll one spell on the Nurgle Spell Table which must be cast immediately. The spell is cast automatically. If it cannot be cast for any reason, then it is discarded.

54 Stream of Corruption
The Chaos Warrior may choose to vomit forth a grotesque spew of entrails, maggots and filth. Once per turn, the Chaos Warrior may make a missile attack at any target up to 2 spaces away. Roll to hit as normal using BS, and work out damage as normal with normal Damage Dice and a Strength equal to the Chaos Warrior's Battle Level. This attack ignores armour. It may be gained multiple times, for multiple uses per turn.

55 Hunchback*
The Chaos Warrior's spine becomes bent and twisted, forcing him into a crooked stoop, impeding his movement. He is at -1 Movement.

56 Daemonic Essence
The Chaos Warrior's body is infused with the power of Chaos, and can absorb a tremendous amount of damage before breaking. He gains +1D6 Wounds. This may be gained multiple times.

61 Daemonic Essence
The Chaos Warrior's body is infused with the power of Chaos, and can absorb a tremendous amount of damage before breaking. He gains +1D6 Wounds. This may be gained multiple times.

62 Eyes of the Void*
The Chaos Warrior's eyes are now pits of infinite nothingness. He can now see in the darkness without the aid of the lantern, and so may move and explore on his own if he wishes.

63 Plaguecarrier
The plagues within the Chaos Warrior's body are particularly virulent, and spread death and suffering wherever he walks. Every day he stays in a settlement, roll 2D6. On a 2, the settlement is immediately affected by the 'Plague' catastrophic event. The Chaos Warrior gains no bonus Luck tokens from Plagues started in this way.

64 Tentacle*
The Chaos Warrior grows a foul, slim-covered tentacle. This may be used to ensnare an enemies weapon, making it hard for them to attack. This reduces the Attacks of any one opponent of the Chaos Warrior's choice by 1 per turn. On a 4+, the tentacle is an extra appendage, and does not impede him, or may be used to wield a shield and a two handed weapon at the same time, instead of grappling the enemies weapon. On a 1-3, one of his arms becomes a tentacle, and must be free to ensnare an enemy. This may be gained multiple times.

65 Regeneration
The Chaos Warrior's body tenaciously clings to life, regrowing and mending the most hideous wounds. At the end of any turn in which the Chaos Warrior has been hit by one or more foes, he may attempt to heal his wounds by regenerating them. To do this, he rolls a dice. If he is currently above zero wounds, then on a dice roll of 4+ he will regain one wound per Battle Level. If he is on zero wounds (ie, about to die), then on a 5+ he will regenerate 1D6 wounds. He may gain this multiple times, adding +1 to the dice rolls required to regenerate.

66 Warp Change*
The Chaos Warrior begins to change, as he grows closer to daemonhood. He will become more inhuman in some way - his eyes will merge to become one, his skin will become scabbed and leprous, his saliva will burn through his face, he will sprout great rotted horns, or other such boons.. Roll a dice to discover their practical benefits. Since each change is different, this may be gained multiple times.

1/2 The change is purely cosmetic.

3 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Characteristic.

4 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra attribute (note that this does not count as 2 attributes, merely a Warp Change with the effects of the other attribute).

5 The Chaos Warrior gains both an extra Characteristic, and an extra Attribute.

6 Rather than a personal change, the Chaos Warrior has been gifted with a Daemon Weapon! Roll up 2 weapons from the Nurgle Artefact Table and combine the results to decide the effect of the new weapon! Note that some weapons might not be able to be combined, so they should be re-rolled. If a non-weapon artefact is rolled, re-roll this also. The Daemon Weapon should be named, and counts as an artefact rather than an attribute, although it still counts as 'obviously manifest', due to it's daemonic appearance.

Nurgle Artefact Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate results. All weapons are magical, in addition to stated effects. No equipment may be lost or destroyed, other than at the Chaos Temple. Chaos Artefacts may never be swapped between Warriors, even other Chaos Warriors.

11 Bewitched Blade
This blade is black as pitch, with dark green runes inscribed on it's surface. This sword cannot be discarded, it must be used. The only way the bearer may get rid of it is by paying 1D6x500 gold the next time he finds a Chaos Temple. Only then will the curse be lifted. The sword draws danger from many leagues, and in the Power Phase, an unexpected event will occur on a dice roll of a 1 or 2 while this blade is with the party of Warriors. This artefact may not be combined with any other.

12 Chaos Tombblade
This blade was forged in the fire of Chaos. It thirsts for blood and as it slays it radiates raw magic power. The more lives it claims the more magic it releases. Every time this sword inflicts at least a single wound on a living target (not Undead or Daemons), the Chaos Warrior gains a Power Token, which can be used at any point until the end of combat. Re-roll this result if the Chaos Warrior is not a sorceror.

13 Black Hood of Kargan
This cursed hood envelopes the wearers face in shadow, and gives him the appearance of a wraith, one of death's own servants. While wearing this hood, the Chaos Warrior can breathe in any condition, even a vacuum, and is immune to all gas-based effects.

14 Ring of Desolation
This ice-cold ring drips with fetid water, yet never loses it's shape. Once per turn, it may make a missile attack against a single monster on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior. Roll against BS as normal. If it hits, the enemy is frozen into a statue for 1 turn. It may not attack, nor be attacked. It may not take any other action at all.

15 Axe of Brimstone
This mighty double handed axe reeks of death, and it's touch will bring the same. This axe may only make one attack per turn, regardless of how many attacks the Chaos Warrior possesses, although it inflicts double damage and may deathblow as normal. It requires two hands to weild.

16 Spell Eater Blade
This blade is plain and dull, only bursting into a blaze of light when magic is cast in it's immediate vicinity. This sword allows the weilder to igmore the effects of any spell cast against him on a dice roll of 5 or 6 (ie, it gives him +2 Magic Resistance).

21 Deathlust Blade
This weapon drips pus on the floor as long as it is out of it's scabbard. This weapon causes an extra dice of damage each time it hits.

22 Filth Mace
This heavy mace oozes pus and slime and contains a dark enchantment that can ensnare the souls of those it slays. The captured soul is bound to the weapon, and can be seen writhing in eternal agony. If the Filth Mace hits on a natural 5 or 6, it inflicts double damage.

23 Blade of Disenchantment
This blade is ancient beyond telling, and it's edge cracked and broken. In battle it crackles with barely contained energies, smiting down the foes of it's weilder. Every time the weilder wounds a monster that carries a magic weapon, wears any magical armour or who has any other magic item, this blade destroys a single piece of it's magic equipment. The Chaos Warrior may choose which magic item is destroyed.

24 Great Bow of Nurgle
This massive, cracked bow is made from the spine of one of Nurgle's Greater Daemons, and is strung with a length of it's gut. It may fire one shot per turn, and if it hits, inflicts 1D6 damage per Battle Level of the Chaos Warrior. If it kills its target in one hit, and there is another standing directly behind, then resolve damage against this target as well, carrying on until it fails to kill. Any arrows fired from such a weapon count as magical, in addition to any other effects. This weapon may not be merged.

25 Daemon Steed
A Daemon Steed is born of foul magick, and the ground itself blazes or weeps at it's tread. The air around it shimmers with magical energy, and their roars and wails can send shivers down the spine of the bravest warrior. It will be a gigantic mare of death-like countenance, with the stench of the grave surrounding it. The Daemon Steed confers the same advantages as a Warhorse, althought it confers +2 to any hazard rolls, rather than +1, and it cannot be stolen or lost in any way.

26 Daemonic Robes
The Chaos Warrior is attired in magical robes covered in the runes of Nurgle. They flow around him solemnly, as though blown by the winds of death. They may be worn in addition to armour, and confer +1 Ignore Pain (see Bestiary in Roleplay Book).

31 Ring of Illusion
This ring creates a cunning illusion, allowing the wearer to appear as a normal man. The Chaos Warrior will not have to test to see if he is refused entry to a settlement because of obviously manifest attributes.

32 Shroud of Foulness
This billowing cloak appears to wriggle as if something nestles within, for Nurglings make it their home. The shroud contains a number of Nurglings equal to the Chaos Warrior's Battle Level. They may be released at any time, and will gang up as normal on the closest monster. Monsters will attack Warriors where possible, but will attack Nurglings if there are no other targets. Work out such things as Fire Breath or similar effects against Warriors first, then Nurglings, if any hits remain. Against such attacks, the Chaos Warrior may choose which Nurglings are removed. They will follow the Chaos Warrior, and may not be re-interred into the Shroud until the end of the dungeon. They will likely make themselves a nuisance. whether through inadvertantly setting off traps or defacing idols. Although the Nurglings may set off such traps, they themselves will never suffer the ill consequences, a random Warrior will instead. Any monsters killed by the Nurglings will add to the Chaos Warrior's Gold total, as normal, although the Nurglings themselves are worth nothing. They will always be available in their full number at the start of the next adventure, regardless of how many died in the last.

33 Skull Amulet of Impunity
This talisman in the shape of a skull fills the wearer with great power, allowing him to withstand many injuries. At the start of each adventure, roll 1D6:

1 The Chaos Warrior loses 1 Wound permanently.
2 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is reduced by 1D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
3 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is raised by 1D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
4 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is raised by 1D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
5 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is raised by 2D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
6 The Chaos Warrior gains 1 Wound permanently

34 Plaguesword
This barbed and pitted blade drips with a venomous slime. Every time the Chaos Warrior rolls a natural 6 to damage, he adds another 1D6. He may keep adding dice until he fails to roll a 6.

35 Staff of Nurgle
The Staff of Nurgle seethes with the foul energies of Nurgle's Rot. It's touch brings corruption and almost certain death. Once per adventure, the staff's power may be activated. It is weilded as a close combat weapon, and rolls to damage as normal, adding the Chaos Warrior's Strength. If even 1 Wound is caused, the target is slain outright.

36 Chaos Armour
Chaos Armour is the living gift of Nurgle upon a mighty warrior. It is more solid than any earthly material, yet light and supple. This armour confers +3T, and no mobility penalties.

41 Parrying Blade
A shimmering haze surrounds this weapon, and the weilder is protected by glowing bands of power. This weapon reduces the Attacks of any one opponent of the Chaos Warrior's choice by 1 per turn.

42 Mace of Terror
This mace fills the room with a dull throbbing, which instills fear into all who are present. After Monsters are placed, roll a D6 for each one. On a 6, they flee in terror and are removed. No gold is gained from monsters removed in this way.

43 Warplock Rifle
This long-barelled firearm is covered in ancient, unclean runes. It's shots blast their mark apart with a great blast which sucks away all light, and leaves the smell of burnt ozone hanging in the air. This weapon is a missile weapon, and may make one shot per turn at +1 to hit. It is Strength 8, and ignores armour, as well as the Ignore Pain ability. It comes with enough shot and gunpowder for 7 shots, which may only be replaced at the Chaos Temple, at a cost of 200 gold for 7 shots. After firing, this weapon takes 1 turn to reload. This weapon may not be merged.

44 Manreaper
This great black scythe stands taller than a man, with a blade almost as long. It requires two hands to weild, and may only make a single attack each turn. It inflicts normal damage, +1D6x the Chaos Warrior's Attack's characteristic. So, if the Chaos Warrior has 2 attacks, it will inflict an extra 2D6 damage. Any deathblows made with the weapon will hit automatically. This weapon may not be merged.

45 Torc of Sinew
This horrific adornment is worn around the neck, and absorbs malice directed at the weilder. The torc will deflect any blow on a 6 (+1 Ignore Blow), and confers +1 Magic Resistance.

46 Armour of Fortitude
This armour is a pale green in colour, and seems to absorb light as it's wearer strides through the dungeon. This armour confers +1T, and +1 Magic Resistance.

51 Pus Armour
This grotesque suit of armour is covered with necrotic slime, and corrupts all things that come into contact with it. It gives the same benefits and penalties as Plate Mail (+4 Toughness, -1 Movement), and also ignores all blows on a 5+. Any enemy magic weapons that strike the Chaos Warrior (even if they inflict no damage or are ignored) will lose their enchantment on a 4+. This armour may not be removed once worn, and may not be merged.

52 Ogre Helm
This great helm is made in the shape of a huge, horned beast. It confers +2 Toughness.

53 Shield of the Void
This shield's surface cannot be seen, as it absorbs all light into the depths of the void. It confers +2 Toughness.

54 Death Helm
This helm was fashioned from the skull of a great daemonic monster. Even though it is long dead, it retains some of that monster's power. This helm confers +1T, +1A and +1WS.

55 Armour of Pestilience
This armour exudes a foul rot which destroys the body and soul of all who approach. It confers +2 Toughness. In addition, all models adjacent to the Chaos Warrior (including Warriors) suffer Tomb Rot 1D3.

56 Withering Blade
The cursed edge of this blade causes those injured by it to wither and die, crumbling to nothing more than dust. Any monster wounded by this blade will take a further number of wounds equal to the Chaos Warrior's Battle Level at the end of every turn.

61 Death's Head
The Chaos Warrior carries the skulls of some of his fallen enemies, filled with Nurgle's most virulent poxes and sealed with blood-laced wax. They may be thrown at any time during the Warrior's phase, and affect a 2x2 square area. Anything affected takes 1D6 wounds, with no deductions for Toughness or Armour. The Chaos Warrior will have 1 Death's Head per Battle Level each dungeon.

62 Icon of Father Nurgle
This talisman, wrought in the likeness of the symbol of Nurgle, guides the Chaos Warrior's attacks, ensuring that Nurgle's Divine Will is done. The Chaos Warrior is at +1 to hit.

63 Plague Flail
This immense, rusting ball and chain seeps with a foul brackish slime, which instantly infects any wounds it infects. The Plague Flail is double-handed, and inflicts double damage.

64 Pandemic Staff
This twisted staff is blessed with the ability to bring disease from afar. It may be used once per turn, and must roll to hit using BS. It affects a single Monster, and inflicts normal damage with a Strength of D6+1.

65 Warpstone Charm
This charm is a peice of pure warpstone - the solidified essence of Chaos. It is hammered into the bearer's flesh where it grows and becomes part of the body. It confers +1 Luck token.

66 Chalice of Buboes
This crystal chalice is filled with a foul, brown liquid. It never empties, and never spills a drop. At the start of the adventure, the Chaos Warrior may drink from the chalice. Roll a D6. The number he rolls is the number of attacks which will automatically hit in the adventure. He may choose which attacks will automatically hit, saving them until the time is right. At the end of the adventure, any attacks left over are lost, and the Chaos Warrior must roll again at the start of the next dungeon.

Nurgle Spell Table (2D6)
Re-roll duplicate spells, except for Arcane Knowledge, in which case it is quite possible to cast the same spell twice per turn.

2 Shrivelling Pox
The Chaos Warrior may cast Shrivelling Pox against one monster adjacent to him. The victim is wracked with a wasting pox, shrivelling and collapsing into a lifeless mass as his vital energy ebbs away. The target takes D6 wounds per Battle Level of the Chaos Warrior, with no deductions for Toughness or Armour.

3 Pillar of Putrefacation
A massive pillar thrusts up from out of the ground, carrying the Chaos Warrior into the air. This has the same effect as the Levitation spell.

4 Pit of Slime
The ground opens up and swallows 1 monster, trapping it in a pit of filth and corruption, which pulls him down as though it had a will of it's own. The target monster may not move, cast spells or shoot missile weapons. It may attack normally, at -1 to hit.

5 Fly Swarm
The Chaos Warrior is surrounded by a black mass of flies which absorb blows with the depth of their odourous and squashy bodies. The Chaos Warrior ignores the next hit. He may only have one Fly Swarm in place at one time.

6 Rancid Visitation
This spell may target one monster on the same board section. The target begins to rot and putrefy, limbs fall off, skin blisters and decays, eyes drop from their sockets and heads topple from shoulders. The target is at -1Toughness for the rest of combat. If it is reduced to Toughness zero it is slain.

7 Nurgle's Dance
When this spell is cast, all monsters on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior begin to dance, slowly and clumsily, to the song of their own mortality. As they move, they expose their most vulnerable areas, as if offering themselves to Nurgle. For 1 Turn all Monster's armour is ignored.

8 Bloated Foulness
The Chaos Warrior takes on the aspect of Nurgle's daemons, and becomes near impossible to wound. He gains +1 Toughness per Casting Level.

9 Plague Wind
A damp and fetid wind howls through the enemy bringing with it the foulest of all diseases - Nurgle's Rot! All Monster's on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior take 1 wound per Battle Level of the Chaos Warrior, with no deductions at all.

10 Stench of Nurgle
All models adjacent to the Chaos Warrior (including Warriors) suffer -1A, due to the nauseating and disgusting odour of the Chaos Warrior.

11 Aura of Decay
The fetid touch of Nurgle extends to all monsters on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior - they must roll equal to or under their Toughness (a 6 fails regardless) on 1D6 or be unable to act this turn as they cough and wheeze, struggling to expel the foul air in their lungs.

12 Miasma of Pestilence
The Chaos Warrior wraps any monster on the same board section as him in a stinking cloud of foulness, which strips away his soul as well as his mortal body. At the end of every turn, the monster suffers 1D6 wounds per Casting Level of the Chaos warrior without deductions.

Battle Level Table
Any characteristics which do not appear on the table are random, dictated solely by the Path of Chaos Table, and are not automatically increased by level.

 Battle Level
Damage dice
Casting lvl
Path of Chaos












Roleplay Guidelines
The Nurgle Chaos Warrior will be similar to a regular, un-aligned Chaos Warrior in a few respects. He will be a great fighter, but will be mysterious and incomprehensible to his fellows. However, in many ways he will be very different. Whereas many Chaos Warrior's are grim, dour individuals, Nurgle's followers are quite cheerful, and take great delight in their holy work. They are more obviously religous than most other Chaos Warriors, and may even give the Sigmarite Priest a run for his money! They will miss no chance to voice their praise to Father Nurgle, commonly worshipped as Morr in the lands of men. His faith will drive him on, and he will be uncompromising in his pursuit of Nurgle's Holy Work. On the physical side, he will be very similar to the Dwarf - he will be tough and determined, but not adept at graceful or acrobatic feats! He will know a great deal about arcane matters, especially if he is a sorceor, and will be well versed in the ways of death. If nothing else he will drive the other Warriors onwards, to bring Nurgle's greatest boon to the monsters of the dungeon!