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Chaos Warrior of Khorne - by Lou Ovens

War is ever-present in the Warhammer world, and there are those who exist who have made a name for themselves in such a field. Bretonnian Grail Knights sweep those who stand against them away in unstoppable charges; the White Wolves of Middenheim crush their enemies underneath mighty blows from their warhammers; elven Dragon Princes of Ulthuan strike fear into all who witness their majestic ranks. The dwarven Slayers charge into battle without fear or mercy; and the graceful Wardancers of the Wood Elves destroy their enemies in the blink of an eye. Yet there are those who are even more reknowned on the fields of battle, even more skilled in the arts of war, and even more feared by those who stand against them.......

The Warriors of Khorne live only for battle. Indeed, life and battle are one and the same to these individuals, as their very souls are exalted by the din of war and the clash of blades. Many turn to Khorne, and for many reasons. He offers the power for revenge, for justice, or even for it's own sake. But those who seek power for such ends are quickly consumed by their own petty goals, for Khorne has no need for such agendas, and no mercy for the weak. The truly chosen of Khorne care not for such things. They do not crave gold, or power, or conquest. They fight only for the sake of fighting, and in this they manifest the true desire of Khorne. They kill in His name, and pay tribute and worship to Him for nothing more than the chance to do so again, and again, until they are rewarded with daemonhood, when they may fight eternally in Khorne's favour, or until they themselves are slain.

They will join bands of warriors, for no more reason than to slay. However, at times the Chaos Warrior will not care who he fights, and at such times, his companions may have their own skulls laid at the feet of Khorne...

Starting as a Chaos Warrior

The profile of the Chaos Warrior is as follows:
Wounds 3D6
Move 4
Weapon Skill 4
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 4
Toughness 3 (4)
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 5+
Willpower 3

Starting Equipment

Sword/Axe (Str + D6
Armour (+1 Toughness)

Mark of Khorne

The Mark of Khorne represents the magical emblem which the Chaos Warrior has emblazoned on his flesh, the sign of his patron. The Mark of Khorne gives +1 Luck, which allows him to re-roll any single dice roll, once per adventure.

Gifts of Chaos
In addition to equipment, the Chaos Warrior also starts the game with a number of other special abilities and items. Due to the unpredictable nature of Chaos, the nature and number of these 'gifts' is not fixed. Note that the Khorne Warrior always starts with Warp Frenzy, in addition to whatever gifts are rolled on this table. Before you start the game, roll a dice and consult the table below:

1-3 : The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 2 Chaos Attributes and 1 Chaos Artefact.
4-6 : The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 1 Chaos Attribute and 2 Chaos Artefacts.

Roll on the two tables below to find out what Artefacts/Attributes your Chaos Warrior has. The number in brackets is that attribute/artefacts position on the main tables, which should be checked to find their effects.

Chaos Attributes (1D6)
1 The Slaughterer (22)
2 Fangs (23)
3 Blademaster (46)
4 Daemonic Might (35)
5 Warp Frenzy (25)
6 Blood Rage (21)

Chaos Artefacts (1D6)
1 Parrying Blade (41)
2 Axe of Khorne (13)
3 Chaos Armour (14)
4 Talisman of Burning Blood (53)
5 Collar of Deflection (22)
6 Axe of Mighty Striking (36)
Chaos Warriors and Equipment/Treasure
The Chaos Warrior may use any equipment available to the Barbarian, with the following exceptions: he will not use any ranged weapons at all, other than a spear or throwing axes. He may not use any treasure, other than potions and any non-magical treasure, such as gold and firebombs.

Warp Frenzy of Khorne
In battle, the Warriors of Khorne are ferocious and unrelenting, flying into a berserk battle-trance that will not end until all enemies lie dead. Each turn that there are Monsters on the board (unlike more mundane Chaos Warriors who only roll at the start of combat), roll a D6. If the result is a 6, the Chaos Warrior is subject to Warp Frenzy, until the combat is over. While frenzied, he gains +2 Attacks, but suffers -1 to hit as his attacks are too wild to control properly.

However, while in this state of uncontrolled aggression, the Chaos Warrior becomes unable to distinguish friend from foe, and may attack indiscriminately, seeking only to take skulls for Khorne. While frenzied, whenever the Khornate Warrior rolls a 1 to hit, he will strike an adjacent Warrior instead. The Khorne Warrior may deathblow as normal, into other Warriors or Monsters. He gains no tribute for slain Warriors.

Also, the Warriors of Khorne live for battle, and no creature exists that would make them cower. Khorne Warriors add double their Battle Level, rather than just their Battle Level once, when taking Fear or Terror tests. Remember, though, that a roll of 1 will fail regardless.

Visiting Settlements
The Chaos Warrior is a somewhat enigmatic, unusual character, and as such may cause suspicion and distrust when he visits a settlement. Sometimes the militia of a settlement will even throw the Chaos Warrior out ot town. Of course, if he has any obvious signs of Chaos, the likelihood of this happening increases tremendously.

Whenever the Warriors arrive in a settlement, the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice for every Chaos Attribute he possesses that is obviously manifest. These attributes are marked with a star (*) in the following tables. If any of these dice comes up as a 1, then he is refused admission to the settlement.

The Chaos Warrior may visit the following locations:
The Alehouse (if using the expanded Alehouse rules from CJ28, he can visit a maximum sophistication level of 3), the Alchemist, the Gambling Den, any trader, the Fighting School (although not the armoury, +1 to dice roll)and the Chaos Temple.


The Chaos Temple
In many towns there are those who have rejected the accepted gods, the established religions, and have turned to other, darker forms of worship. These Chaos cults are steeped in secrecy, as to be revealed as a follower of Chaos is to be shunned, reviled and often executed. However, the attraction of Chaos is power and immortatlity, and there are usually the insane few who are willing to take whatever risks are necessary to gain the patronage of the Chaos gods.

Whenever he visits a settlement, the Chaos Warrior may attempt to find a Chaos Temple, to pray to Khorne, and to make offerings and sacrifices to the altar that lies within. The Chaos Warrior must find the temple, just like any other special location in a town or city.
He must spend 2D6x10 gold's worth of tribute (see below) as offerings at the Chaos Temple, hoping to recieve the attention of his dark patron.

After paying the required gold, roll a D6 and consult the table below:

1 - The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 2 Chaos Attributes - see the table below.

2 - The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Chaos Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realises that he has been.........changed! The Chaos Warrior gains 1 Chaos Attribute - see the table below.

3 - The Lord of Skulls is not listening, there are greater things afoot in the world to claim his attention.
The Chaos Warrior's pleas go unanswered.

4 - The Chaos Warrior stands before the altar to Khorne, imploring that he listen to his cries. In the past, they punished him by granting him a warping, crippling attribute. Despite this cruel trick, the Chaos Warrior has served his master well, and is sure that now is the time for the balance to be redressed. The player must select any single attribute, crossing it off his profile. As that attribute vanishes, the Chaos Warrior gains another! Roll another attribute randomly, and take that instead.

5 - As he touches the altar and dedicates his victims to his master, the Chaos Warrior feels renewed strength and vigour coursing throughout his body. The Chaos Warrior gains 1 extra Wound, permanently.

6 - The temple reels and swirls as solid objects begin to mutate and change. Nothing is as it should be, and darkness claims all. The power of Chaos is at hand, and the Chaos Warrior kneels before it's mighty presence. The Chaos Warrior may, if he chooses, try to merge two Chaos Artefacts together, so that their powers are joined into one single, powerful artefact. If you wish to do this, select two artefacts. They must be similar artefacts, such as hand-to-hand weapons, or shields.The Chaos Warrior places both artefacts on the altar, and waits with eager anticipation. Roll a dice and consult the following table to see what happens next.

1 One of the artefacts vanishes, sucked back into the warp, and the other remains unchanged. Randomly select which artefact vanishes. The Chaos Warrior no longer has this artefact.

2/3 Nothing happens, the Lord of Skulls has no interest in the petty wishes of their servant.

4 The altar is briefly obscured by cloying smoke, drifting around the temple and fogging the senses. When the smoke clears, the two original artefacts are still there, unchanged, but another sits alongside them. The Chaos Warrior retains the two original artefacts, and also gains another. Roll on the Chaos Artefact Table to see what this new artefact is.

5/6 Time slows, the temple darkens, the fabric of reality groans and shifts. When the moment passes, there is but one artefact left on the altar, a mutated union of the two placed there by the Chaos Warrior.
The two items are now merged. Cross them off your profile, and write in the combined abilities of the new item. It is a good idea to name the artefact, as it will no doubt become one of the Chaos Warrior's most trusted and treasured items.

Note that if items which boost stats are combined, the stat increases do not combine, it simply retains the highest bonus of the two. Furthermore, items which double characteristics will still only double when combined, rather than quadruple. Within these limitations, you can continue to merge items as the Chaos Warrior visits the temple again and again.

Chaos Warriors and Events
The Chaos Warrior may behave towards certain events differently to other Warriors. Those events not listed below will be approached as normal. Note that the Khorne Warrior's aggressive, confrontational behaviour may result in the Watch being called in to sort him out. When this happens, refer to the Watch Table.


Confrontational Events
If the Chaos Warrior encounters any confrontational events, such as Duel, Fight, Brigands, Ambush, etc., the Chaos Warrior may not back down. Also, he recieves a +1 modifier to any dice rolled. If this is higher than would otherwise be possible (generally 7 on most tables, as well as 7 against brigands or managing to roll 13 on the Fighting School Table), then the Chaos Warrior frenzies. He massacres everything he percieves as an enemy (generally everyone except the Warriors), and harvests 1D6x100 Gold in tribute (if done so in the Fighting School, then no Warrior may visit this location again for the duration of the stay). If this is done in a Settlement, the watch is called in. Roll on the Watch Table. If the Chaos Warrior is ever defeated in such an event, he loses tribute as if reduced to zero wounds. Note that the +1 modifier does not apply to any Khorne Warrior specific tables, such as the Watch, or Uneventful Days.

Settlement Events
11 Thrown Out
As soon as the Watch attempt to throw him out of town, a fight breaks out. Roll on the Watch Table, treating a result of a 2 as a 1.
14 Good Deed
Seconds after being hit by the iron bar, the Chaos warrior ejects the old woman and her accomplice from the building via the window! The Watch are soon on the scene........Roll on the Watch table.
23 Fooled
Enraged that anyone would dare to rip him off, the Chaos Warrior storms back to the place he was sold the item. The owner is so scared that he immediately gives the Chaos Warrior a refund, and replaces the fake item!
26 Betrothed
The spectacle of three dead farm-hands and the wailing of a well-endowed farmgirl attracts the attentions of the Watch. Roll on the Watch Table.
43 There is no way the Chaos Warrior will willingly agree to work for such weaklings! Roll on the Watch table. If he rolls a 1 or a 2, the Chaos Warrior is press-ganged as normal, instead of bing thrown out or jailed.
51 Crime
You are accused of murder, and proclaiming yourself as 'Murder Incarnate, Slayer of Nations and Executioner of All Things' does not help the situation. The Watch are soon involved. Roll on the Watch Table.
63 Hunting
You spend an extra D6 nights in the forest, determined to catch (and slay) the elusive Quarg. With the local animal life decimated, you realise you are the butt of a practical joke! Funnily enough, those who played the joke are not laughing when you catch up with them. The Watch are called in to the resulting bloodbath. Roll on the Watch table.

Uneventful Days
Whenever the Chaos Warrior rolls an uneventful day, roll once on the following table.
1 Unwanted Attention - The Chaos Warrior's actions have drawn some unwanted attention......roll 1D6.

1 The unholy carnage you have wrought has not gone unnoticed. Realising you for the blasphemous monster that you are, you have been tracked down by a 50-strong force of Witch Hunters, lead by the Witch Hunter General himself! After a cataclysmic battle, with many Witch Hunters perishing, your body is blasted apart by the Witch Hunter General's Holy light! The Chaos Warrior is out of the game. Use a Luck counter now!
2 Your violent nature has upset those in power, who have decided it would be best if you leave. An mercenary company is hired to deal with you. Roll a D6. On a 6, you frenzy and massacre every last one of them! On any other result, your beaten body is dumped unceremoniously outside the settlement boundaries! You will need to wait for the other Warriors here.
3 Deciding that it would be best to see to you before you cause some real trouble, the Watch turn up to make your day........ Roll on the Watch Table.
4+ You have gained a reputation as a trouble-maker, and many local establishments do not want to be seen to be consorting with you. For the duration of your stay, any location you visit will have shut it's doors to you on a D6 roll of a 1 or 2. The Chaos Temple will not be subject to this.

2/3 Uneventful Day - It really is an uneventful day!
4+ Trouble - The Khorne Warrior is involved in a fight, where he can demonstrate pure worship of Khorne. Roll a D6.

1 An order of local knights attack you, having been approached by the terrified locals. During the ensuing melee, you lose your money pouch, containing D6x50 gold.
2 Someone you have previously beaten up (or the friends and family of someone you have killed) tracks you down, intent on exacting bloody vengeance. Roll as on the table for Event 21-Fight, adding +1 as normal.
3 You kill a local fighter who was nowhere near as good as his boasts would suggest. You relieve him of his weapon, which was obviously not worthy of a weakling such as he. You may gain any 1 weapon from the Weaponsmith's table.
4 Khorne spirits you away to it's own realm, to fight for it's pleasure against another Champion of Chaos in a cosmic duel. An Initiate will fight against a Chaos Warrior, an Aspiring Champion will face a Chaos Champion, a Mighty Champion will face a Chaos Hero, and an Exalted Champion will face a Chaos Lord. The opponent will fight exactly as stated in the bestiary, and any magical equipment should be generated as normal. Re-roll any ranged weapons. The combatants will always be considered to be adjacent to each other. If the Khorne warrior wins, he will gain double his opponents worth in tribute, and if he fails, he will lose the same.
5 Some monsters have been terrorizing the local populance, and plead with you to slay them. You cannot turn down a chance for combat, and march towards the monster's lair, which is located in the nearby forest. Draw a random objective room, and roll once on the Battle Level table that is one level lower than your Warrior (at Level 1, roll on the level 1 table, and use half the number), and use the full amount of monsters (do not reduce them by 3/4 due to there only being one Warrior). The Chaos Warrior gains gold/tribute as normal from slain monsters, and will recieve a reward generated from the Dungeon Room Treasure table from the locals. If he is defeated, he is dragged to safety by the locals. He will lose tribute as normal for being reduced to zero wounds.
6 While slaughtering a regiment of halberdiers you insulted in a bar, a sudden epiphany strikes you, and you realise you are in the presence of Khorne himself! Roll a D6.

1 Gain +1 to any stat of your choice for the duration of the next adventure.
2 Gain a free roll on the Characteristic Table.
3 Lose any 1 unwanted Attribute or Artefact.
4 Gain a free roll on the Attribute Table.
5 Gain a free roll on the Artefact Table.
6 Gain a free roll on the Path of Chaos Table.

The Watch
There are times when the Chaos Warrior's violent behaviour will be met by the authorities, and the only option for a dedicated follower of Khorne is to fight them as well! Roll 1D6. The Chaos Warrior does not benefit from his +1 bonus on this table.

1 After a savage fight, the Watch best you and throw you out of a settlement, as Event 11.
2 After a savage fight, the Watch best you and throw you in jail for 1D6 days, during which time you may do nothing at all.
3/5 After beating the Watch to a bloody pulp, you go about your business.
6 After gifting the Watch with the thrashing of their lives, they concede that you were in the right all along, and give you one treasure card as way of an apology!

Battle Levels
In order to progress through the Battle Levels, the Chaos Warrior trains at settlements, just like any other Warrior. His training is carried out at the Chaos Temple. However, his Battle level Table has certain important differences, which require some explanation. The path through the Battle levels for a Chaos Warrior is fickle and unpredictable. The Chaos Warrior does not aquire skills like the other Warriors. Instead, when he trains to go up a level, he gains characteristic increases, as well as Chaos Attributes and Chaos Artefacts. In the Chaos Temple, the Chaos Warrior does not train as such. Instead, he makes offerings to Khorne, hoping for some kind of blessing or gift. He does this by giving up an amount of tribute equal to the gold prescribed on his Battle level Table. See below for details of this 'tribute'. Once he has paid his tribute, the Chaos Warrior makes a number of rolls on the Path of Chaos Table. His Battle Level Table will show how many rolls he can make. Once he has found what benefits he has obtained, he has finished his 'training', taking only a single day.

Joining the Ranks of the Damned

Sometimes a Chaos Warrior will be so affected by the warping powers within him, that he become completely daemonic, the ultimate goal and greatest failure of all those who tread the path of Chaos. If the resulting mutations are largely beneficial, then he will be hailed as a Daemon Prince, favoured Champions of the gods, and exalted amongst all beings. If the mutations are largely crippling, however, he will be despised and pitied as a Chaos Spawn, lowest form of all existence, and cannon fodder in the armies of the North.

When a Chaos Warrior has more than 2 attributes (not including duplicate attributes or daemon weapons) per Battle Level after he has trained to go up a Battle Level, then there is a chance of Daemonhood. You must roll 1D6 for every Attribute over the limit (for instance, having 14 attributes at level 5 would need to roll 4 dice). If any of these dice score a 1, then the Chaos Warrior has succumbed to Chaos wholly, and is out of the game. He will now either lead the armies of Chaos as a Daemon Prince, or be reduced to mere Chaos Spawn in the vanguard of such an army. You may use Luck Counters to re-roll some of these dice, hopefully alleviating the change.

Khorne is the God of battle, and gold holds no worth to him. The only tributes he will accept are the skulls of his enemies. Whenever the Chaos Warrior gains gold form slain enemies,or from confrontational events, he may instead choose to take trophies, to an equal value. eg. During combat, the Chaos Warrior kills 4 Dark Elves, worth 100 gold each. He decides to take trophies, rather than gold, from 3 of them. So, he gains 100 gold from 1, and trophies to the value of 300 gold from the others, rather than simply gaining 400 gold. It is from this 'Tribute' total that all Training Costs are paid from, as well as any donations to the Chaos Temple. The Khornate Warrior may not pay in gold, he must pay in tribute.

Trophy Racks
Until brought to the altars of Khorne, these trophies tend to adorn the Chaos Warrior's armour as decoration. Many Chaos Warriors erect racks and back-banners to display such grisly momentoes. While the Warrior has a 'tribute' total of enough to train to the next Battle Level (or 50,000 gold in the case of Battle Level 10 warriors), the Chaos Warrior is such a fearsome and terrifying sight that all monsters are at -1 to any to hit rolls against the Chaos Warrior.

The Cost of Failure
Khorne is merciless to those who fail him. Any time the Chaos Warrior is reduced to zero wounds, he loses 50x his own Battle Level gold worth of tribute. If he ever leaves a dungeon without completing his quest, he loses half his tribute total and 1 wound permanently. However, completing a quest grants him 100x his own Battle Level in tribute! Khorne also has no tolerance for those who show fear. If the Khornate Warrior ever fails a fear or terror test, he immediately loses tribute equal to half the fear or terror-inducing monster's worth. For instance, failing a Minotaur's fear test will cost the Khornate Warrior 220 (half of the Minotaur's 440 Gold) in tribute.

Path of Chaos (1D6)
1 Gain 3 Chaos Attributes.
2 Gain 1 Chaos Attribute.
3 Gain 1 Characteristic Increase.
4 Gain 2 Characteristic increases.
5 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact.
6 Gain 1 Chaos Artefact and 1 Characteristic increase.

Characteristic Increases Table (2D6)

Note that whether through characteristic increases or stat-boosting attributes, no characteristic may rise above 10, or fall below 1, with the exception of Wounds. Pinning and Ballistic Skill may not get any better than 2+. Reroll any results that would go against these limitations:

2 Gain +1 Movement
3 Gain +1 Luck
4 Gain +1 Initiative
5 Gain +1 Attacks
6 Gain +1 Strength
7 Gain +1 Weapon Skill
8 Gain +1D6 Wounds
9 Gain +1 Toughness
10 Gain +1 to Pinning Rolls
11 Gain +1 Ballistic Skill
12 Gain +1 Willpower

Khorne Attributes Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplicate attributes, unless stated otherwise.

11 Mindless - At the start of every turn, during the power phase, you should roll a dice. On a score of anything but a 1, he is fine. However, if he rolls a 1 then he becomes mindless for the rest of the turn. While mindless, his intelligence will be zero. His WS is reduced to 1, as is his Attacks. He cannot use a missile weapon. At the end of the turn, he returns to normal. Roll again next turn.

12 Eternal Battle - Khorne is not satisfied with the slaughter! He resurrects his fallen warrior to fight again for his amusement! Once per adventure, while on zero damage, the Chaos Warrior may be raised to full wounds again, without penalty to his tribute.

13 Mark of Khorne* - The Warrior is marked by Khorne, and is so favoured. He gains +1 Luck. Additionally, on a D6 roll of 1, the Mark is obviously manifest, marked by an *. This may be gained multiple times.

14 Iron Hard Skin - The Chaos Warrior's skin, although it looks normal, is as hard as iron. The Chaos Warrior gains +1 Toughness. This may be gained multiple times.

15 Wrath of Khorne - The Chaos Warrior bellows in rage and fury as his pitiful enemies attempt to use their weak magic instead of relying on strength of arms. Once per adventure, the Chaos warrior may nullify any enemy spell, whatever it’s source.

16 Battle Fury of Khorne - The Blood God has favoured the Chaos Warrior with uncontrollable rage. He moves from one foe to the next, cutting them down with savage ferocity. He may make attacks during any point of his movement, although he remains affected by any pinning limitations. If he gains this attribute a second time, he may continue his deathblows while moving. If he gains it a third time, re-roll the result.

21 Blood Rage - Whenever an event reveals monsters, roll a D6 to see what effect their appearance has upon the Chaos Warrior:

1 In a mindless fury, he attacks the nearest Warrior this turn, ignoring any pinning rules in his determination to get into combat. For this turn, he is at -1 to hit rolls, but gains +1 Strength and +1 Attacks. Roll again on this table next turn. Note that this is triggered by a natural roll of 1, so can not be avoided by modifiers.
2-5 The Chaos Warrior mounts a raging attack against the nearest monster, with -1 to hit rolls, but +1 Strength and +1 Attacks. If there are no monsters on the board, he will attack a Warrior instead. Roll again on this table next turn, adding +1 to your dice roll.
6 The Chaos Warrior regains his self control, and may move and fight as usual.

If the Chaos Warrior is also frenzied, the -1 to hit is not cumulative. Therefore, he will be at -1 to hit, rather than -2, as well as +1 Strength, and +3 Attacks!

22 The Slaughterer - The Chaos Warrior thirsts for battle, and cannot pull himself away. The Chaos Warrior automatically fails all pinning rolls, and must always engage monsters where possible. He may not stand by and wait.

23 Fangs* - The Chaos warrior has sharp incisors, and all his teeth rise to fine points. The Chaos Warrior may nominate 1 of his Attacks each turn. If that attack hits his target, then he gains an extra Bite Attack, which hits automatically, doing 1D6, with no deductions at all. This may be gained multiple times, for multiple bite attacks. They must all nominate different attacks. If you gain this more times than you have attacks, re-roll this result.

24 Magic Resistance - The power of Chaos makes the Warrior particularly resistant to spells. He gains +1 Magic Resistance. This is always in effect, even towards beneficial friendly magic. This may be gained multiple times.

25 Warp Frenzy - The rage and fury in the Chaos Warrior's soul grows stronger. Add +1 to Warp Frenzy rolls. This may be gained multiple times. At 1+, the Chaos warrior will be in a state of permanent Frenzy. Re-roll any further results.

26 Warp Frenzy - The rage and fury in the Chaos Warrior's soul grows stronger. Add +1 to Warp Frenzy rolls. This may be gained multiple times. At 1+, the Chaos warrior will be in a state of permanent Frenzy. Re-roll any further results.

31 Powerful Legs - The Chaos Warrior's legs become very heavily muscled. He gains +1 Movement, and suffers no penalty to his movement from wearing armour. This may be gained multiple times.

32 Praise of Khorne - The Blood God has judged the Chaos Warrior worthy of his favour. His armour becomes an extension of his body, and will never fail him while his thirst for battle lingers. Any armour the Chaos Warrior wears will benefit from an additional +2 Toughness, in addition to whatever protection it normally affords. Note that this only applies to actual body armour, not to helms, shields or such.

33 Ruddy Skin* - The Chaos Warrior's skin becomes a deep reddish-black, like the skin of Khorne's own daemons.

34 Weaponmaster - The Chaos Warrior may choose one of his weapons. The power of Chaos links the weapon to him in a psychic bond, guiding his hand when he uses the weapon in combat. When using this weapon, on top of any other benefits the weapon might confer, the Warrior will gain an additional benefit. Choose one of your weapons, and roll now to see what the permanent effect upon the weapon is:

1 The Chaos Warrior gains +1 to hit on all his dice rolls with that weapon.
2 When using this weapon, the Chaos Warrior may re-roll any single attack which misses each turn.
3 When the Chaos Warrior hits his target with this weapon, he gains an extra damage dice (+1D6 damage).
4 This weapon ignores any armour his opponent is wearing on a to hit dice roll of 5 or 6.
5 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Attack when wielding this weapon in combat.
6 On a dice roll of 5 or 6, this weapon ignores Toughness and Armour.
This may be gained multiple times.

35 Daemonic Might - The Chaos Warrior's muscles grow and swell as the energy of Chaos flows through them. He gains +1 Strength. This may be gained multiple times.

36 Reaction Strike - The Chaos Warrior instinctively knows when monsters approach, for the coming battle itself calls to him. As soon as Monsters are placed, the Chaos Warrior may make a single attack against any one monster placed next to him. This attack is a reaction, and may not deathblow, and is not affected by psychology such as fear and terror.

41 Ignore Blow - The Chaos Warrior can shrug off blows that would fell any ordinary man. He may ignore any attack on a D6 roll of a 6. This may be gained multiple times, each time adding 1 to the dice roll.

42 Daemonic Arrogance - The Chaos Warrior is arrogant and proud beyond measure, and holds all dangers in utter contempt. The Chaos Warrior is now immune to all psychology, fear and terror for example.

43 Eye of Khorne - The Chaos Warrior's harsh master sees all, and will not tolerate weakness in his followers. Every time the Chaos Warrior rolls a 1 to hit, he takes 1 Wound, which cannot be modified or ignored in any way.

44 Test of Might - Khorne decrees that the Chaos Warrior must prove himself, without the aid of magical weapons. The Chaos Warrior gains no magical benefits from any weapon he wields. He only gains non-magical benefits - for instance a Battle Axe will still give him a +2 Strength bonus. Note that the attributes Weaponmaster and Unity of Purpose reflect the Chaos Warrior's incredible skill, and are not affected by this Attribute. Also note that this attribute will not remove any magical penalties from weapons, such as the Bewitched Blade. The Chaos Warrior can remove this attribute by offering 500 gold in tribute for each Battle Level while at the Chaos Temple. This attribute may not be lost in any other way.

45 Magic Drain - The Chaos Warrior’s mere presence disturbs the winds of magic, as if they rail against Khorne’s favour. Every turn, the Chaos Warrior should roll a D6. On a 6, no magic can be used at all that turn, by either the Warriors, Monsters or any other source. This may be gained multiple times, each time adding +1 to the dice roll needed to drain all magic. Note that the Chaos Warrior may not choose not to use this power.

46 Blademaster - The Chaos Warrior is a master of swordplay, awing even the Swordmasters of Ulthuan. The Chaos Warrior is at +2 WS. This may be gained multiple times.

51 Vampiric Tendancy - The Chaos Warrior has a thirst for blood. He wants to drink the blood of his victims, and to a lesser extent, his companions. He gains an extra Bite attack each turn, rolling to hit as usual. The attack causes 1D6 Wounds with no deductions at all, and the Chaos Warrior gains the Wounds back himself. He may never gain more than his starting Wounds quota. At the end of every event which reveals Monsters, once all the monsters are dead, the Chaos Warrior must try and hold his hunger in check. Roll a dice. On a 1, the Chaos Warrior loses control, and spends the next turn drinking the blood of one of his victims. Between adventures, the Chaos Warrior may drain the blood of his victims into potion bottles if he wishes. These are innocents he kills whilst in a settlement. He can drink a potion if the thirst overcomes him, instead of feeding on the blood of the slain monsters. Doing this will also restore 1D6 wounds. If the Chaos Warrior takes to slaughtering innocents, each time he does so, he rolls 2 dice. On a double 1, he is discovered, captured, and killed with a stake through the heart. He may try this no more than 1D6 times per settlement.

52 Eyes of Fire* - The Chaos Warrior's eyes glow with a dull red light. He can now see in the darkness without the aid of the lantern, and so may move and explore on his own if he wishes.

53 Daemonic Essence - The Chaos Warrior's body is infused with the power of Chaos, and can absorb a tremendous amount of damage before breaking. He gains +1D6 Wounds. This may be gained multiple times.

54 Regeneration - The Chaos Warrior's body tenaciously clings to life, regrowing and mending the most hideous wounds. At the end of any turn in which the Chaos Warrior has been hit by one or more foes, he may attempt to heal his wounds by regenerating them. To do this, he rolls a dice. If he is currently above zero wounds, then on a dice roll of 4+ he will regain one wound per Battle Level. If he is on zero wounds (ie, about to die), then on a 5+ he will regenerate 1D6 wounds. He may gain this multiple times, adding +1 to the dice rolls required to regenerate.

55 Aggravating Presence - The Chaos Warrior's mere presence incites fury in those around him, and encourages the will to fight. Any time there are extra monsters to be placed, after the one-on-one rules, always assume the Khorne Warrior's chit is first dealt from the cup. For instance, where 4 Warriors are attacked by 6 goblins, 4 goblins will be placed, one against each Warrior. Since the other 2 are extra, one will fight the Khorne Warrior, and the other will fight another randomly determined Warrior. This means that if there are ever any lone Monsters, they will always attack the Khorne Warrior. This does not apply to further rounds of combat. Any monsters which frenzy will do so automatically.

56 Fuelled by Pain - Wounds only infuriate the Chaos Warrior, driving him onward on his bloody rampage. Every time the Chaos Warrior is wounded by an enemy attack, he gains +1 Attack in the following Warrior's phase. So, if he is wounded 3 times by seperate attacks, he will gain +3 Attacks in the following turn.

61 Champion of Khorne - Khorne has judged the Chaos Warrior to be his personal Champion! Any time an event reveals Monsters that include characters (for instance, a Chaos Hero or a Necromancer, but not including Greater Daemons), roll a D6. On a 5+, the Chaos Warrior must challenge the most powerful character. In combat against this character, the Chaos Warrior gains +1 to hit, +1 Strength and +1 Attack. He also ignores pinning in order to reach the character. The monster will attack the Chaos Warrior whenever possible. If he kills the character single-handed, he gains double the usual amount of gold gained for killing the monster, but must harvest it as tribute. If the monster is slain by another Warrior, Khorne lashes out in fury and that Warrior loses 1 Wound permanently. If another warrior wounds the monster, he takes 1D6 wounds. If the Monster reduces the Chaos Warrior to zero wounds, Khorne is merciless to his failed Champion. The Chaos Warrior loses 1D3 Wounds permanently, and half his tribute total. He also loses this attribute. This attribute may only be gained at Battle Level 5 or higher, and there may only ever be one Champion of Khorne, even if there are multiple Khorne Warriors in the party.

62 Unity of Purpose - The Chaos Warrior's soul becomes so tied to battle, that any weapons weilded by him become part of him, and move without thought or hesitation. The Chaos Warrior may weild two weapons at once, at +1 Attack while he does so. If the weapons have different properties, then you should nominate how many attacks are made with each weapon.

63 Unfailing Purpose - The Chaos Warrior's determination and conviction are unfallible. He gains +2 Willpower. This may be gained multiple times.

64 Canine Aspect* - The Chaos Warrior becomes more canine in appearance, with sharper teeth, bushy eyebrows and even patches of dark, matted fur. He sniffs the air for scent of his foes, and has the urge to howl whenever he sees a full moon.....

65 Rage of Khorne - The Chaos Warrior lives for combat, and his resolve is not shaken by overwhelming odds. He gains +1 Attack each turn for every monster adjacent to him after the first. For instance, when surrounded by 3 monsters, he will gain +2 Attacks.

66 Warp Change* - The Chaos Warrior begins to change, as he grows closer to daemonhood. He will become more inhuman in some way - he may grow horns, or even a scorpion's tail, he may exude an aura of sheer terror, the ground may burst into flames at his tread, his voice may become a daemonic growl, he may become larger and more heavily muscled, or other such boons.. Roll a dice to discover their practical benefits. Since each change is different, this may be gained multiple times.

1/2 The change is purely cosmetic.
3 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra Characteristic.
4 The Chaos Warrior gains an extra attribute (note that this does not count as 2 attributes, merely a Warp Change with the effects of the other attribute).
5 The Chaos Warrior gains both an extra Characteristic, and an extra Attribute.
6 Rather than a personal change, the Chaos Warrior has been gifted with a Daemon Weapon! Roll up 2 weapons from the Khorne Artefact Table and combine the results to decide the effect of the new weapon! Note that some weapons might not be able to be combined, so they should be re-rolled. If a non-weapon artefact is rolled, re-roll this also. The Daemon Weapon should be named, and counts as an artefact rather than an attribute, although it still counts as 'obviously manifest', due to it's daemonic appearance.

Khorne Artefact Table (D66)
You should re-roll any duplictae results. All weapons are magical, in addition to stated effects. No equipment may be lost or destroyed, other than at the Chaos Temple. Chaos Artefacts may never be swapped between Warriors, even other Chaos Warriors.

11 Bewitched Blade - This blade is black as pitch, with dark red runes inscribed on it's surface. This sword cannot be discarded, it must be used. The only way the bearer may get rid of it is by paying 1D6x500 gold's worth of tribute the next time he finds a Chaos Temple. Only then will the curse be lifted. The sword draws danger from many leagues, and in the Power Phase, an unexpected event will occur on a dice roll of a 1 or 2 while this blade is with the party of Warriors. This artefact may not be combined with any other.

12 Chaos Runeshield - This shield is covered with writhing runes that have the power to destroy an enemy's magic. The shield gives +1 Toughness as normal. In addition, any magic weapons carried by monsters adjacent to the Chaos Warrior are rendered ineffective whilst they remain adjacent to him.

13 Axe of Khorne - This axe is a favoured weapon of Khorne, and it screams with the power of the daemon bound within it. Every time the Chaos Warrior rolls a natural 6 to hit with this weapon, he may make an extra attack this turn. He may keep making extra attacks so long as he keeps rolling 6's.

14 Chaos Armour - Chaos Armour is the living gift of Khorne upon a mighty warrior. It is more solid than any earthly material, yet light and supple. This armour confers +3T, and no mobility penalties.

15 Axe of Hellstone - The blade of this weapon is inscribed with twisting sigils of power, blazing icons of destruction which hurt the eye to look upon. This axe may only make one attack per turn, regardless of how many attacks the Chaos Warrior possesses, although it inflicts double damage and may deathblow as normal.

16 Spell Eater Blade - This blade is plain and dull, only bursting into a blaze of light when magic is cast in it's immediate vicinity. This sword allows the weilder to igmore the effects of any spell cast against him on a dice roll of 5 or 6 (ie, it gives him +2 Magic Resistance).

21 Deathlust Blade - This weapon drips gore on the floor as long as it is out of it's scabbard. This weapon causes an extra dice of damage each time it hits.

22 Collar of Deflection - This collar is filled with magical intelligence, anticipating the moves of it's opponents as though it had a mind of it's own. The collar allows the wearer to ignore any attack made against him each turn on a dice roll of a 6 (ie, it gives him +1 Ignore Blow).

23 Blade of Disenchantment - This blade is ancient beyond telling, and it's edge cracked and broken. In battle it crackles with barely contained energies, smiting down the foes of it's weilder. Every time the weilder wounds a monster that carries a magic weapon, wears any magical armour or who has any other magic item, this blade destroys a single piece of it's magic equipment. The Chaos Warrior may choose which magic item is destroyed.

24 Collar of Khorne - The Chaos Warrior wears a heavy, studded collar as a mark of Khorne's protection against magic. He gains +3 Magic Resistance.

25 Snarling Blade - As enemies approach, this sword snarls and growls, anticipating the slaughter to come. This weapon gives the weilder double his normal complement of attacks. This only doubles the Chaos Warrior's base Attacks, and does not include extra attacks given by attributes such as Fangs and Vampiric Tendancy, or attacks gained from attributes such as Warp Frenzy, Rage of Khorne or Blood Rage. This sword is partially sentient, and may not be put down or sheathed until the Chaos warrior reaches Battle Level 5. Until then it will always stay welded to his hand. After that, the Chaos warrior is sufficiently powerful to master the sword. This weapon may not be merged.

26 Daemon Steed - A Daemon Steed is born of foul magick, and the ground itself blazes or weeps at it's tread. The air around it shimmers with magical energy, and their roars and wails can send shivers down the spine of the bravest warrior. It may be a gigantic destrier, or it may be a massive armoured creature of groaning iron and brass, with fire for blood and a beating daemonic heart. These beasts are forged in dark fires and bound with dire runes, their primordial rage tamed within a shell of artificial metallic muscle and bone. The Daemon Steed confers the same advantages as a Warhorse, althought it confers +2 to any hazard rolls, rather than +1, and it cannot be stolen or lost in any way.

31 Chaos Runeblade - This magnificent blade is encrusted with writhing Chaos runes and radiates dark, malevolent power. It's touch is deadly and it's bite will penetrate ordinary armour with ease. This blade may be weilded single-handed, for +3S, or double-handed for +4S. Either way, it ignores all non-magical armour.

32 Crown of Immunity - Cast in the strongest of iron, and enchanted in the forge fires of Chaos, this crown causes great power to flow through the body of the wearer. The wearer gains +2 Toughness. It may be worn with a helm.

33 Daemonic Robes - The Chaos Warrior is attired in magical robes covered in the runes of Khorne. They flow around him violently, as though blown by the winds of battle. They may be worn in addition to armour, and confer +1 Ignore Pain (see Bestiary in Roleplay Book).

34 Skull Amulet of Impunity - This talisman in the shape of a skull fills the wearer with great power, allowing him to withstand many injuries. At the start of each adventure, roll 1D6.

1 The Chaos Warrior loses 1 Wound permanently.
2 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is reduced by 1D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
3 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is raised by 1D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
4 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is raised by 1D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
5 The Chaos Warrior's Wounds Total is raised by 2D6, for the duration of the dungeon.
6 The Chaos Warrior gains 1 Wound permanently

35 Lash of Khorne - This mighty blood-drenched whip may be used as an extra attack each turn, and may be weilded in addition to another weapon without penalty. It may be used against any monster on the same board section as the Chaos Warrior, even if there are other models in between. If it hits, the monster is pulled into an adjacent square to the Chaos Warrior, moving other models if necessary. The whip will not work on models with a natural strength (not including weapons) higher than the weilder. It may not be merged.

36 Axe of Mighty Striking - For much of the time, this red iron axe lies dormant and powerless. Yet if used at the right time, it howls in triumph as it is weilded with devastating power. Once per adventure, this weapon will strike automatically, causing 8D6 Wounds. Toughness and Armour are deducted as usual. At any other time, it counts as a magical axe with no other properties.

41 Parrying Blade - A shimmering haze surrounds this weapon, and the weilder is protected by glowing bands of power. This weapon reduces the Attacks of any one opponent of the Chaos Warrior's choice by 1 per turn.

42 Mace of Terror - This weapon shrieks as if in hideous torment as it cuts the air, a soulless wailing of the damned. After Monsters are placed, roll a D6 for each one. On a 6, they flee in terror and are removed. No gold is gained from monsters removed in this way.

43 Axe of Fear - A dull throbbing fills the air around this weapon, suggesting great power about to be unleashed. This blade induces fear in monsters when they are first placed on the board. After each monster is placed, roll a dice for each monster who is attacking the Chaos Warrior. If you score a 6, the monster is afraid and will attack another Warrior instead. Randomly choose another Warrior, and re-position the monster accordingly. This weapon has no effect if the Chaos Warrior has an Aggravating Presence, other than being magical.

44 Blood Drinker - This blade was forged by evil sorcerors and quenched in the blood of vampires. It retains a vampiric ability to sap the strength of it's victims by draining their sustenance. Once per turn, when the Chaos Warrior has rolled to hit,he may use this blade to steal the Wounds he causes with that blow, gaining them himself. The Chaos Warrior's Wounds may not be raised above his Starting total.

45 Bloodhorn - The sound of this horn infuses those who hear it's violent blast with undeniable rage and fury. It may be used once per adventure. For the duration of combat, all warriors become immune to fear and terror, and immediately submit to any frenzy or berserk style abilities they may have. This includes the Chaos Warrior's own Warp Frenzy, the Barbarian's Berserk, and any others.

46 Armour of Fortitude - This armour is a jet black in colour, and seems to absorb light as it's wearer strides through the dungeon. This armour confers +1T, and +1 Magic Resistance.

51 Blood Armour of Khorne - This armour is blood red, and looks wet and slick, as if coated in blood. It is the armour of Khorne - irrevocably fused with the flesh of the wearer. This armour gives +1 Toughness per Battle Level. The Chaos Warrior may never remove it, and may not use any other armour, including shields and helms. This armour may not be merged.

52 Ogre Helm - This great helm is cast in dull bronze, and red light flickers within the visor slit. It confers +2 Toughness.

53 Talsiman of Burning Blood - This talisman is shaped in the likeness of Khorne's symbol, and strengthens the Chaos Warrior's Warp Frenzy. It adds +1 to the Warp Frenzy roll.

54 Death Helm - This helm is made of the bleached skull of some huge, horned beast, giving the wearer a most fearsome appearance. Although the beast is long dead, some of it's power is bound forever to the helm by the power of Chaos. This helm confers +1T, +1A and +1WS.

55 Helm of Many Eyes - This bell-like helm has no eye-holes, but is covered with eyes wrought over it's surface through which, it is said, the wearer sees into the hearts and minds of men. While wearing this helm, the Chaos Warrior is at +2 Initiative, and the party can never be ambushed. Note that due to it's fragile surface, it confers no Toughness bonus. It may be merged without this penalty with another helm, as normal.

56 Soul Blade - This chill white blade sighs as it pierces the flesh of the Chaos Warrior's foes, and the victim shrieks as his life essence is drained away. Each time the Chaos Warrior kills an opponent worth the amount of gold indicated in the table below with this blade, he rolls a dice. On a score of a 6 he sucks the life essence from the monster, and may add +1 to one characteristic of his choice permanently, excluding Damage Dice. If he chooses Wounds, he gains 1D6 Wounds, rather than 1.

Initiate 150+
Aspiring 600+
Mighty 2,000+
Exalted 4,000+

61 Shrieking Blade - The howling and shrieking of this weapon in battle is enough to drive many foes insane, and leave the rest weeping in terror. Each monster attacking the weilder of this weapon must roll a D6. On a score of 1 or 2, the blade is so fearful that the monster will not strike the Chaos Warrior at all, and does nothing but cower this turn instead.

62 Crown of Devastation - Power surges through this crown, heartening the wearer and goading him to acts of insane bravery. This crown gives the wearer great courage, and he may make an extra attack at +2 to hit each turn. This crown may be worn in addition to a helm.

63 Hellblade - Chitterings and infernal whisperings emanate from this hellish weapon, forged from the pure stuff of Chaos. This weapon doubles the Chaos Warrior's base attacks.

64 Armour of Regeneration - This armour subtly throbs and thrums with the power of the void - it contains an echo of the life energies of all its victims. This armour allows the wearer to regain 2 wounds per turn. It also adds +1 to his Toughness. If the wearer is ever knocked down to zero wounds, then the armour ceases to work until he is back on his feet again.

65 Warpstone Charm - This charm is a peice of pure warpstone - the solidified essence of Chaos. It is hammered into the bearer's flesh where it grows and becomes part of the body. It confers +1 Luck token.

66 Chalice of Blood - This crystal chalice is filled with a rich, red liquid. It never empties, and never spills a drop. At the start of the adventure, the Chaos Warrior may drink from the chalice. Roll a D6. The number he rolls is the number of attacks which will automatically hit in the adventure. He may choose which attacks will automatically hit, saving them until the time is right. At the end of the adventure, any attacks left over are lost, and the Chaos Warrior must roll again at the start of the next dungeon.

Battle Level Table
Any characteristics which do not appear on the table are random, dictated solely by the Path of Chaos Table, and are not automatically increased by level.

Battle Level
Damage Dice
Path of Chaos











Roleplay Guidelines
In many ways, the Khornate Warrior will be similar to an un-aligned Chaos Warrior. He will be a great fighter, though uncontrollable at times. However, at other ways, he will be very different. He may be an even greater fighter than the Trollslayer or the Pit Fighter! Although he will excel at combat, and combat-related tasks, he must do so without any kind of magical trickery available to other, more cowardly Warriors. He will be good at any tasks which involve great physical might, and will even be good at identifying magical artefacts (especially weapons). However, he will have no patience for more delicate tasks, and will likely become agitated if the Warriors go for long without encountering monsters to slay. He will respect those Warriors with great strength of arms, but will likely despise and only barely tolerate those who use magic. He has no need for justice or less worthy deities tha Khorne, nor does he care about such trivial things. He only thinks of combat, and so he is a very easy character to play!