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Mr B's impressive Cryx - check out the painting guide!

Every week the sounds of wars being waged and generals barking orders echoes through the ancient streets of Stirling. Cries of the wounded are drowned out only by the cheers of the victor, and on rare occasions, yells of triumph on achieving the mythical triple six...

For nearly two years, here at Stirling Wargamers, bloodthirsty rivals of all ages meet every Thursday to wage war on their opponents in games of skill and strategy. With a wide variety of settings from Science Fiction & Fantasy to Historical and Modern-Day, there is something to capture everyones interest and imagination.

The club is open to all over the age of 12 who wish to pit their wits as commander against a worthy opponent, so feel free to come along and either experience this entertaining and popular pastime for the first time, or if you are a wargame veteran, why not bring along one of your forces to challenge Stirlings' finest!
For those who want advice with their hobby, we are also happy to give a little help wherever we can, whether you need aid with your tactics, miniatures, scenery, or anything of that nature, just ask! We might just have what you need!
Paul B and Malcolm duke it out in Mordheim

So with that in mind I would just like to welcome you again to the site, and also the club itself. Through these pages and the forum we will keep you informed of what is happening within the club, and vice versa! If you have any suggestions for the club or the site, please let us know about them!

Use the "Club Suggestion Bucket" in the forum, or pop along and tell us in person!

Happy Warmongering!