The Website is back!

Our website has been down for a few months now, but we are pleased to have the show on the road once again.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament


The Tournament was a great success.

The overall results were:

1. Andy Duncan
2. Gavin Allan
3. Paul Brooks
4. Jeff McCleod
5. James Strathie
6. Judges
7. James Torrance
8. Duncan Ainslie
9. Neil McKay
10.Stuart Dobie
11.Andrew Lauristone
12.Ross Wolstenhome
13.Cameron McCulloch
14.Alan Wolstenhome
15.Chris Mailey
16.Craig Hamilton

Cannonade 2006

We recently ran a public participation table at Falkirk Wargames Club's Annual show.

The game "Cutlass and Cannon" was a great success.

Please see pics of our table on our forum :

Many thanks to the Falkirk Club for letting us have the space to put on the table. A good day was had by all.


Over the last few months we’ve put on a couple of all-day gaming days where we’ve booked the hall for full Saturdays. This was put into place to provide for folk that fancied putting on those big games that you might not have had time for on a Thursday night, or for folk that just fancied spending a bit more time over their gaming. Both of the Saturdays that we’ve put on have been really successful, with plenty of people playing plenty of games so we’ve decided to make it a more regular thing by opening up all-day gaming at the hall once every two months. So, there will be all-day gaming at the hall available to all from 10am-7pm on the following Saturdays:

Regular all-day Saturday sessions:
  • 27th May

  • 29th July

  • 30th September

  • 25th November

  • 16th December - Christmas special

Autumn 40K Tournament:
  • 28th October

When other events or dates are planned, they will be noted here too


The Saturday sessions wont cost any more to members or non-members than the usual Thursday meetings do, i.e. £2 for members and £3 for non-members

Site Revamp Update

Well, it's here, for starters! Through this section I'll guide you in the direction of the new stuff as it appears.

19/10/05 -Hoorah!

ok - a biggie this time! fixed the site navigation to be easier to maintain - kept the look similar,though!

-added Club Documents downloads section, containing all our club rules and policies, and incorporating all newsletters.

Game reviews section is now open, with the first review contributed by Paul Brooks.

Articles section is open, and there are a few bits n bobs ready to go in.

Members Benefits section is open, and Ill use it to keep you up to date with what your membership card entitles you to.

Forum link now opens in a separate window, as I was given feedback that it wasn't easy to return here from the boards :)

Links section updated

News updated


Our new saving scheme is now available for our members to take advantage of!

Mass order discounts, free postage, and a wide selection of online retailers to buy from - Check out Paul Conlan's breakdown of the sceme in the Members Benefit's section!