Stirling Wargamers Members Saving Scheme  

Recently Stirling Wargamers have decided to put into place another benefit for paid up club members: The Members Saving Scheme (as the title may have given away).

The idea behind this scheme is simple: You pay money into the scheme whenever you want to, and once every few months, the club makes a mass order from an online retailer in which you can spend the money you have saved, making the most of any discounts and postage free benefits we can devise.

There are several benefits for this scheme:

Quick, the order has arrived, lets get it!

“But I already have a credit card and can order online on my own!” I hear you cry. Well, how often do you order enough to be able to ask for a discount on your purchases (such as the club was offered on ordering our last scenery order)? Not that often…

“How will you remember how much I have paid in?”

When you pay money in you will be given a receipt signed and countersigned by two committee members, and a record of the amount you pay in will be kept, thus ensuring that there is a clear record of how much you have saved.

This guy makes sure the post arrives on time


“Why shouldn’t I just start a savings jar in my house?” You could do that, but if you’re anything like me, the savings jar would be regularly raided for snack money, videogames purchases and cinema trips, the savings scheme ensures the money you save for an army stays saved for an army

“Where will we be ordering from?” We’ll search out online retailers that give us the best value for money, if you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them our way.

“How often will we be ordering?” Provisionally once every three months, with no date set for the first order. Depending on the popularity of the scheme, this may change.


If you have any further questions, feel free to ask one of the committee.

Thanks folks.

Paul Conlan, club secretary.