Welcome to Stirling Wargamers. These pages are to let you know about who we are, what we do, club rules, how you can make use of your membership and how you can keep in touch and involved with the club. 

Who are we?

Stirling Wargamers aims to provide a focus for gamers in the central belt to meet up and find new opponents for a wide variety of wargames. We meet every Thursday evening from 6-10pm at Ochil Community Hall, Ochil Crescent, Stirling and provide tabletops and scenery for wargaming, boardgames, RPG’s and CCG’s as well as a friendly atmosphere with an open games policy. We also meet for irregular all-day sessions at the hall, which give people an opportunity to play larger games or just to come and go throughout the day as they please. These all-day sessions are priced at the same cost as regular Wednesday evening sessions We are completely non-profit making organisation and all our funds are put into club resources and events for gamers.


Your membership runs for one year, costs £10 and grants you the following benefits:


Static Games –A wide range of RPG’s, CCG’s, Boardgames, wargames and miniatures.

Argyle Shopping Market

28 Argyle St


G2 8AD


Do it @ your leisure – Hobbies, craft and gaming supplies, with in-store gaming.

50 High Street,



Web - http://www.falcondesign.co.uk/web/doitatyourleisure/

Email - doit@yourleisure.biz,


Figures in Comfort – Large and small miniatures cases and a huge variety of foam trays tailored for all your various miniature collections:

Web - www.figuresincomfort.co.uk

Email: figuresincomfort@btopenworld.com


Please remember that you will need to keep hold of your membership card in order to take advantage of any of these discounts.

Thursday night gaming

Thursday nights are our regular gaming nights and we are open from 6-10pm. We have plenty of tabletops and an extensive scenery collection as well as other resources such as dice, templates, rulebooks etc. The scenery is all kept secure in its own room so please feel free to help yourself to anything that you need from the shelves when setting up your game. The cost for a Thursday evening is £2 for members and £3 for non-members and the first visit is always free.

The committee

Stirling Wargamers is run by a committee of five volunteers. The committee is made up of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer and Website Officer. These posts are nominated and elected each January by the clubs members at the Annual General Meeting and are available to members over the age of eighteen.

Club Constitution and other policies

If you would like to see a copy of the club constitution or our child protection policy please contact the club Chairman.

Stirling Wargamers on the net

Stirling Wargamers has its own website and its own message boards so its easy to stay in touch with what’s going on at the club. The message boards also mean that its easy to keep in touch with other members, throw down the gauntlet or just keep up with who’s playing what. We are always looking for new ideas and submissions for articles for the website so if your feeling creative feel free to let us know all your ideas.

Website and message boards : www.stirlingwargamers.co.nr

Members saving scheme

With the gaming scene on the up in terms of quality and quantity its pretty easy for us all to end up with a wish-list of miniatures and games as long as your arm. For this reason Stirling Wargamers is hoping to put into place a members savings scheme. The scheme will provide a system where members can save up as much or as little money as they like with club so that periodically we can put in a large order over the internet for you for with your saved money for whatever models or games you’d like.

Not everyone has a credit card or is happy to use it for internet shopping so this is a way in which we can help you save and then put in the order for whatever you’d like on your behalf. For more information about the proposed saving scheme please see the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

Club Rules

Members must be 12 years old or more (or be at high school) to attend the club or become a Member. Committee members must be 18 years or older. Club Members and visiting non-Members will at all times adhere to the following standards of behaviour:

There will be no verbal, mental or physical abuse of any other Member or visiting non-Member.

There will be no discrimination of any kind by any Member or visiting non-Member towards any other person at the club meetings. This includes but is not limited to discrimination on grounds of:

It is the responsibility of all persons to ensure that:

Any serious disagreements between Members must be referred to the Club Chairman.