Stirling Wargamers - Child protection policy.

1.1 Stirling Wargamers welcome children to take part in the hobby.

1.2 Children are a part of the wargaming community and need to receive special support and protection.

1.3 Stirling Wargamers accept their responsibility towards children in general, and particularly those with whom we come into direct contact.

1.4 All children should be offered equal opportunity to take part in the hobby. No discrimination is tolerated on any grounds.


2.1 Any abuse towards children or vulnerable adults, either physical, psychological, or sexual, is totally unacceptable to Stirling Wargamers. It will not be tolerated.

2.2 Complaints from or regarding the treatment of children or vulnerable adults will be treated with utmost seriousness and will be given fair investigation by the Stirling Wargamers committee.

2.3 If Stirling Wargamers fails in its duty to stop or protect against child abuse or the abuse of or vulnerable adults, it will not remain a part of the Gaming Club Network. Membership of GCN is pending ratification of all appropriate best-practice standards.


Child Protection

3.1 Stirling Wargamers is fully committed to the protection of children from all forms of child abuse.

3.2 A minimum of one committee member and one nominated responsible adult will be in attendance at club meetings.

3.4 The Child Protection Policy forms the basis for the protection of children, which is the full responsibility of all committee members, club members and visitors.

3.5 Two nominated committee members will have responsibility for keeping up to date with all relevant best-practice child protection policy and legislation, and for disseminating this information to the rest of the committee.

3.6 Stirling Wargamers is committed to encouraging a protective culture within the hobby to protect children



4.1 Stirling Wargamers provides Club Rules and a Club Constitution that indicate the proper procedures for the running of the club and the participation in club-nights.

4.2 As part of the Club Constitution, Stirling Wargamers operate a disagreement procedure. This is detailed in the Club Constitution sections 9 and 10.

4.3 In addition, Stirling Wargamers will uphold the following Grievance Procedure for issues arising from mental or physical abuse, most notably of children:


Abuse Grievance Procedure
5.1 Any accusation or report or suspicion of abuse between members or visitors at Stirling Wargamers must be referred to the Club Chairman.

5.2 If the Club Chairman is unable to investigate the grievance, or if personally involved in it, the member must be referred to the Gaming Club Network Area Rep.

5.3 If the grievance is deemed to be serious, the matter must be immediately referred to the police authorities for investigation.

5.4 Members of the Gaming Club will cooperate with the police investigation in any way that is reasonable.

5.5 The accused will have their membership suspended until the police investigation and any court proceedings are complete.

5.6 The complainant will be kept fully informed of the procedure and its various stages prior to and throughout the procudure.

5.7 If information of potential or suspected abuse that originates from outwith the confines of the Stirling Wargamers club environment comes to light the committee will have an obligation to take action through the appropriate authorities.


Club Officials Disclosure Scotland Checks

6.1 All Club Officials must submit themselves to Disclosure Scotland standard checks.

6.2 People unwilling to undergo these checks will not be permitted to act as a Stirling Wargamers official and must not put themselves forward for election or appointment to any official position.

6.3 The full procedures of the Disclosure Scotland checks will be held by the Gaming Club Network President and Area Reps for general information. They are also available from

6.4 If an Official is deemed a threat to children or vulnerable adults through the Disclosure Scotland check they must immediately be suspended under the Club Constitution section 10.

6.5 Officials are allowed to continue their duties during the period which the Disclosure Scotland check is ongoing. They are to be considered in a probationary period.

6.6 Probationary Officials must always be accompanied by non-Probationary Officials until the Disclosure check is complete.

6.7 Once the Disclosure check clears an Official they become a non-Probationary Official